The resume of the director:

фОТО тЮНИНThe director of Military-technical institute the colonel in resignation Tjunin Igor Dmitrievich, was born on March, 3rd, 1952 in the city of Maikop of Krasnodar territory. In 1973 the Engineer on operation of radio telemechanical systems »has ended the Tyumen higher military-engineering command school on a speciality«. Passed military service in Armed forces of the USSR since 1992 in Republic Kazakhstan Armed forces on various posts in the item т. Guards (station of Flocks) with 1973 for 1981, the city of Semipalatinsk with 1981 for 1986. Since 1986 on the present at University in posts the teacher, the senior teacher, the chief of a cycle, the deputy chief of military chair on educational work, since February, 2009 the director of military-technical institute.
KarGTU »is awarded by two anniversary medals and three medals for« Faultless service in Armed forces of the USSR », a medal« For 10 years of service in VS РК », and an anniversary medal of” 10 years of VS РК », an anniversary medal« 50 years
The home address the Steppe 2 house 1-2 sq. 352, phones – the worker 8(7212) 565862 internal 1110, 1122 secretary, house 774355, mobile 87012559762, 87003885784,
The address of dean’s office street Parkway of the World 56 case №1 audience 602 – a reception, 604 – an office of the director.

Deputy director ВТИ on educational work-rahmetullaev of Zhaksybek Baltabaevich 

 фотоHas ended faculty of physical training and sports the Hag

Of E.A. Buketova  in 2001, an honours degree. In 2001-2002 resembled service in Armed forces РК. In 2008-2010 the master «pedagogics and psychology» has ended a magistracy of TarGPI. The master of sports on free-style wrestling. Since 2011 was the teacher of chair “Physical training”. Since February, 2013 has been appointed by deputy director ВТИ on study.



Gotting Valentina Vladimirovna

Education- higher engineering

An assistant professor at the department of ‘Vocational education and basic military training’ at the military-technical institution, candidate of pedagogical sciences

Scientific work – The fundamentals of scientific research, Modern teaching technologies in the system of vocational education, Technical creativity of the students.

Scientific research information – the number of international and republic level – 52, teaching complex – 5, reference books – 4, teaching materials of course papers – 3, electronic books – 1, programs for ECM -.

Contact information – Bulvar Mir avenue, 56, building № 1, phone: 56-52-33, е-maіl:

Working period– 9 years

Working experience – 5 years

Individual professional achievements: German and Kazakh (with dictionary); computer – common user

Personal values – responsible, communicative, accurate person. Hobby – reading

Аlshynbayeva Zhuldyz Eldosovna

Education – Higher pedagogy and psychology

Senior teacher at the chair of «Vocational education and Initial military education», Master of pedagogical sciences. Information about current educational activity – Method and technology educational work, general pedagogy, general psychology, psychology, vocational psychology.

Information about science activity: number of international, republican and regional status  – 24, teaching-methodological complexes – 7, teaching-methodological materials of  early cases – 6,  teaching-methodological supply – 1, teaching-methodological recommendation – 1, electronic teaching-methodological supply – 1.

Formal contact information (address, telephone, е-maіl at the chair, department) – b№1, №56 B.Mira, work tel: 56-52-33, е-maіl:

Length of service – 14 years

Experience – 9 years

Individual vocational achievements: English with dictionary, computer at user’s level.

Other additional information (personal quality, entrainments) – responsibility, communicability, reading the books.