On April 8, 2021, a meeting of section No. 10 was held “Natural sciences” of the Republican student scientific conference “The contribution of youth science to the implementation of the Strategy” Kazakhstan-2050 “

The presented reports were novel in a wide range of topical directions in the field of physics and its practical significance. Based on the results of the discussion, the following were recommended for awarding:

1st place – Aldakul Esenbek Kuanyshbekuly, KazNU, Master, NR Moldabekov Zh.A.

2nd place – Sakenova Urzana Shomenov Ayan, KTU, VT-20s, nr – Salkeeva A.K. 2nd place – Bakey Shuyla Tleuberdіgyzy, KTU, RET-17-1, n.r – Kopbalina K.B. 3rd place – Rymkul Aigerim Meiramkyzy, KTU, BZhD-18-2, n.o. – Suimbaeva A.M.

3rd place – Egizekov Madi Zhaylaubaevich, Kapylas Әsem Erlangyzy, KTU, GPR-20-2, n / a – n / a Mazhenov N.A.

3rd place – Isaev Arystan Omiruly, ENU, TS-20-1. N.R. – Shegebaeva G.E.