Charity event in the children’s home ” Kulynshak»

On June 16, 2021, the curators of the OP-20-1c groups Khamzina K.M., Log-18-1 Sagatova G.K., TT-20-1 Kuleimenova L.M., OP-20-1         Ospangalieva  M.T., together with teachers Kalybekova K.S., Nurzhanova K.K., organized a charity event “Zhan zhyluy” in the children’s home “Kulynshak” within the framework of the “Rukhani Zhangyru”program.

The visits of the curators with the students of the group to orphanages have become traditional.

Thanks to good deeds and intentions, students develop patriotism, kindness, a sense of novelty for orphans and a desire to make donations to those who need it. Every year we delight our children with our visit. This year, we gave the graduates of orphanages the joy of delivering food.


The head of the children’s home “Kulynshak” Burkeeva Svetlana Maratovna expressed gratitude to the organizers of the charity event.

We know that caring is the principle of a charitable society. Combined loads are easy!