“The Hour of integrity”: “Aiteke bi: sharpness of reasoning and sharpness of utterances»

On April 05, 2021, the College of Innovative Technologies of the MAP hosted the next “Hour of Integrity” on the topic “Aiteke bi: sharpness of reasoning and sharpness of utterances”. Aiteke Bi is a great thinker, an outstanding speaker, a man of great intelligence, a statesman. His wise words were able to preserve the national unity of our people and became a spiritual legacy of the Great Steppe, left to their descendants in the form of wise sayings and words of edification. The wisdom of Ayteke bi speaks of his patriotism, hard work, integrity and loyalty to his people. Ayteke bi has always adhered to the principles of justice, and is remembered as a wise man who devoted his entire life to resolving disputes and promoting honesty among the people. Within the framework of the event, students were shown the video “Aiteke bi: sharpness of reasoning and sharpness of utterances”, prepared by the Anti-Corruption Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan (coverage of 250 students).