Online contest for the best drawing “A country without corruption”, dedicated to the Anti-Corruption Day

On 25.01.2021, members of the Sanaly Urpaq Club held a drawing contest “A Country without Corruption”, dedicated to the Anti-Corruption Day, as part of the education and improvement of anti-corruption competence. The main goal of the competition is to form and promote an anti-corruption worldview among young people. Students were very active in the disclosure of this topic. Students expressed their thoughts, their vision, on the elimination of corruption, as well as the role of youth and youth organizations in combating corruption. The work of each of the participants deserved special attention. The participation of young people in events forms an active civic position in a young person, helps to develop creative abilities.

1st place was taken by a student of the KAU group 9/18-1 Nugmanov Nurasyl

The 2nd place was taken by the student of KORMPI group 11/20-1 Eginbai Yersin

3rd place was taken by a student of the KAU 9/19-1 group Urisbayeva