Information of the state budget funded projects of young scientists for 2020-2022  

 AR08052608 “Studying mineralogical and geochemical features of the

Shubarkol deposit tonsteins”, p.m. Ozhigin D.S. 


The topicality of this work consists in the novelty of using tonsteins for correlation of coal seams, as well as in the need to study tonsteins as hypothetical “traps” of rare earth elements for further rational use.

The project purpose

Studying the mineralogical and geochemical features of coals and tonsteins, which are widely used in the world practice to correlate coal seams and to determine the factors affecting accumulation of rare and other impurity elements in coals, assessing the metal content of coals.

Expected and achieved results

There have been studied the formation conditions of the tonsteins, the tectonics of the Shubarkol Komir deposit, the features of the tectonic structure and geology of the Shubarkol deposit, a large tectonic structure of the Western part of Central Kazakhstan, the Sarysu-Teniz uplift, to which the Shubarkol deposit is tectonically confined.

The paleotectonic scheme of the formation of the study area has been constructed.

As a result of the research, it has been established that all the studied tonsteins have a predominantly kaolinite composition. At the same time, there are both practically monomineral kaolinite rocks (from 70 to 100 % kaolinite) and tonsteins of mixed composition, minor minerals are phosphates (goyacite and fluorapatite), quartz, cristobalite, tridymite, feldspars. The main epigenetic minerals superimposed on the previously formed kaolinite tonsteins are represented by carbonates, mainly siderite, less – dolomite, and rarely – calcite.

Sampling at the Shubarkol field Research team

1     Ozhigin Dmitri Sergeyevich, project manager, PhD, sn. lecturer of the S&G Department

ORCID iD 0000-0002-2443-3068

Scopus Author ID 55827717400

2     Аmangeldykyzy Altynai, principal investigator, lecturer of the GDMD Department.

ORCID iD 0000-0002-6665-8804

Scopus Author ID 57208573495

3     Коpobayeva Aiman Nygmetovna, PhD, sn. lecturer of the GDMD Department.

Scopus Author ID 57208583785

ORCID iD 0000-0002-0601-9365

4     Blyalova Gulim Galymzhanovna, ME, lecturer of the GDMD Department.

ORCID iD 0000-0001-8801-8683

 5   Аskarova  Nazym Srazhadinkyzy, doctoral student of the GDMD department, gr. GRM-18.

ORCID iD 0000-0002-2103-6198

Scopus Author ID 57208580562

6   Ibragimova Sabina Kazhetbekovna, specialist of the Innovations and Scientic-technical Programs.

List of publications

Kopobayeva A.N., Amangeldіgyzy A., Ozhigin D.S., Askarova N.S., Blyalova G.G. “Study of rare earth elements in coals and clay layers of the Shubarkol deposit” // University Proceedings. – 2020. – No. 3. – P. 48-53.

Information for potential users

Scope of use: geology and geochemistry.

Tonsteins are widely used by geologists to correlate coal seams within coal deposits and basins, to characterize the role of volcanism in the formation of coal-bearing deposits, to assess the frequency and composition of volcanic eruptions, and to solve other problems.


AP08052014 “Developing effective methods of synthesizing azole compounds based on natural substances with antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant effects”, p.m. Rakhimberlinova Zh.B.


Until present time, there is but little information of chemical methods of synthesizing for introducing azole heterocycles into the structure of natural compounds, in particular, alkaloids, which determined the relevance and prospects of their study for the search for new bioactive compounds.

The project purpose

Developing effective methods of synthesizing azole compounds based on natural substances with antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects, as well as new therapeutic properties, complete determining their structure and bioscreening of synthesized compounds with the use of the PASS program.

Expected and achieved results

Methods of obtaining and optimal conditions for synthesizing azole derivatives based on the alkaloid cytisine and biogenic amines have been developed. Methods of preparing pyrazoles and oxazoles based on the cytisine alkaloid and biogenic amines morpholine and piperidine and their chemical modification have been developed. Possible mechanisms of reactions of their formation have been investigated, the structure of new compounds has been established. Bioscreening of new synthesized substances has been carried out.

Methods of preparing and optimal conditions for synthesizing oxozoline derivatives of the alkaloid cytisine under conditions of classical synthesis by microwave and ultrasonic activation have been developed, and their structure and biological activity have been established. Oxazole derivatives were obtained by heterocyclization of the obtained amino alcohol derivatives of the alkaloid cytisine and biogenic amines. Bioscreening of the synthesized substances has been carried out.

The developed methods of preparing potentially biologically active azoles are recommended for the development of new biologically active substances and practical application in the synthesis of these classes of compounds.

Research team

1          Rakhimberlinova Zhanata baltabayevna, project manager, Cand. Chem. Sci., Acting Ass. Professor of the Ch&ChT Department.

ORCID iD 0000-0002-3326-0998

Scopus Author ID 5705873970

2          Ibrayev Marat Kirimbayevich, principal investigator, Dr. Che., Professor of the Ch&ChT Department.

ORCID iD 0000-0003-0798-5562

Scopus Author ID 6508179234

Researcher ID V-9320-2018

  1. Таkibayeva Altyearai Temirbekovna, Cand. Che. Sci., head of Ch&ChT Department.

ORCID 0000-0003-0536-0817

Scopus Author ID 12808279300

  1. Кеzdikbayeva Assel Taupykovna, Cand. Tech. Sci., Ass. Professor of the Inorganic and technical chemistry Department of the Karaganda University named after E.A. Buketov NJSC.

Scopus Author ID 57191594384

  1. Zhanymkhanova Pernesh Zhaidarbekovna, head of the laboratory of alkaloid chemistry of the International Scientific-production Holding “Phytochemistry” JSC.

Scopus Author ID 56580296600

6     Кеlmyalene Assel Askarovna, Cand. Tech. Sci., ME, head of the methane energy testing laboratory.

ORCID iD 0000-0003-3581-6256

Scopus Author ID 57173109500

7     Аmanzholova Aidana Serikovna, master of enginerring, assistanct of the Ch&Cht Department.

List of publications

1 Ibrayev M.K., Takibayeva A.T., Fazylov S.D., Rakhimberlinova Zh.B., Issabayeva M.B., Kelmyalene A.A. Some aspects in modification of azoles // News of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Series of chemistry and technology. Volume 5, Number 443 (2020). – P. 85-91.

Information for potential consumers

Scope of use. Pharmacology, medicine.

The research results can be useful for specialists working in the field of fine organic synthesis chemistry, molecular design of biologically active compounds, technology for the production of organic substances, pharmacology.


АР08052553 “Designing and developing prototypes of automated production control systems, remote monitoring and diagnostics of microclimate in polymer agricultural sleeves for storing grain”, p.m. Nikonova T.Yu. 


Scientists from all over the world are engaged in research in the field of grain storage and selecting optimal modes, the problem of grain conservation being relevant for agriculture to this day. The significance of the project on a national scale consists in studying and developing new domestic automated decision-making systems based on the integration of modern technologies, equipment for storing grain in the field (polymer agricultural sleeves) and software and hardware for remote monitoring.

The project purpose

Designing and developing prototypes of an automated control system for producing polymer agricultural sleeves and an automated system for remote continuous monitoring of the microclimate in polymer agricultural sleeves.

Expected and achieved results

Specific conditions for the functioning of the film thickness measurement system have been formulated, the permissible values ​​of measurement accuracy, sensor movement speed, operating temperature range, continuous operation time, information accumulation and visualization method, its storage period for analysis, measured thickness range, measurement error, alarm method have been determined.

Functional diagram of the polymer film thickness control system Fragment of a frame with a carriage

Research team

  • Nikonova Tatyana Yuryevna, project manager, Cand. Tech. Sci., Acting Ass. Professor of the TEMES Department.

ORCID 0000-0002-6539-1263

Scopus Author ID 57202087837

  • Iskakov Ualikhan Kabibullayevich, principal investigator, PhD, lecturer of the APP Department.

Scopus Author ID 57221097466

  • Zhharkevich Olga Mikhailovna, Cand. Tech. Sci., Acting Ass. Professor of the TEMES Department.

ORCID 0000-0002-4249-4710

Scopus Author ID 55339344600

4   Dandybayev Yessim Serikovich, PhD, sn. lecturer of the TEMES Department.

5   Baimuldin Murat Muratovich, doctoral student of the DMD Department, gr. GDD-19.

6   Коtov Yevgeni Sergeyevich, doctoral student of gr. EED-17, sn. Lecturer of the APP Department.

ORCID 0000-0003-2660-2010

Scopus Author ID 55842590300

7   Saifulin Ruslan Faritovich, doctoral student of gr. EED-18, lecturer of the APP Department.

ORCID iD 0000-0003-2610-9525

Scopus Author ID 57221107446

List of publications

1 Nikonova T.Yu., Zhetessova G.S., Zharkevich O.M., Kalinin A.A., Daich L.I., Baymuldin M.M. Review of existing automated systems for grain storage // University Proceedings, No. 3 (80) 2020, pp. 148-152.

2 Nikonova T.Yu., Zharkevich O.M., Baimuldin M.M., Berg A.S., Berg A.A. Analysis of automated grain storage systems // Electronic journal “Natural and technical sciences”, No. 10, 2020, pp. 148-152.

3 Ualikhan Iskakov, Josif Breido, Gamzat Sundet. PLC-based adaptive relay protection system implementation // Proceedings of the 31st DAAAM International Symposium, B. Katalinic (Ed.), Published by DAAAM International, ISBN 978-3-902734-xx-x, ISSN 1726-9679, Vienna, Austria.

4 Nikonova T.Yu., Iskakov U.K., Sichkarenko A.V., Zharkevich O.M., Dandybaev E.S. The main defects of polyethylene sleeves for storing agricultural products and methods for their elimination // Journal of technical Research. V. 6, No. 3. INFRA-M Publ. House. P. 11-19.

5 Breido Iosiff; Saifulin Ruslan. Analysis of Starting Modes in Frequency Controlled Asynchronous Electric Drive for Mining Production Using Buffer Power Supplies, Proceedings of the 31st DAAAM International Symposium, B. Katalinic (Ed.), Published by DAAAM International, ISBN 978-3-902734, ISSN 1726-9679, Vienna, Austria.

Information for potential consumers

Scope of use. Industrial enterprises engaged in the production of polymer films, building coatings; rural and farm enterprises.


АР08052214 “Developing the potential of technical university internationalization  through digital learning technologies”, p.m. Jantassova D.D.


In recent years, the issue of the international activities of Kazakhstan universities remains one of the most important for the professional society, and the obligatory participation of universities in international rankings has added new accents to the discussion. Internationalization serves the purpose of increasing the world ranking of an education institution. World rankings are tied to specific criteria related to the achievement and merit of a university, but an excellent university will not achieve a high ranking if few people know about its existence. In addition, the presence of international students is a measurement point in most of the world’s ranking systems.

With full recognition of the need and benefits of developing international activities, universities have formed internationalization constraints due to emigration of young people and lack of funding. Academic mobility is mainly realized only in bachelor’s degree programs, while students coming from abroad also study under bachelor’s degree programs. The main partners are the universities of the neighboring countries, namely the universities of Russia and the countries of Eastern Europe. Knowledge of languages ​​and intercultural communication have become the most common barriers in international cooperation, as a result of which there is a low level of programs in English and a decrease in the possibility of recruiting foreign students to a Kazakh university.

The project purpose

Developing and implementing a model of developing the potential for internationalization of a technical university through digital learning technologies for implementing sustainable and feasible strategies of internationalization of the technical specialists training process, taking into account the national and international context.

Expected and achieved results

The analysis of the results obtained and preparation of recommendations for changes has been carried out. The tool for implementing internationalization of the educational process in a technical university has been determined.

There has been developed a strategy of implementing the internationalization benchmarking methodology; comparison of the internationalization processes efficiency has been carried out, the main categories of internationalization have been determined; 17 methods of high efficiency of the internationalization of the educational process have been revealed; the analysis of curricula has identified 14 international components for implementation.

Research team

1      Jantassova Damira Dulatovna, project manager, Cand. Ped. Sci., head of the RL Department.

ORCID iD 0000-0003-2595-3249

Researcher ID P-7271-2017

Scopus Author ID 57189027014

2      Коzhanbergenova Aigerim Soltanbekovna, principal investigator, doctoral student of L.S. Gumilev ENU, specialit of the Strategic Development Department.

ORCID iD 0000-0002-9807-482X

Researcher ID L-5040-2017


3   Коzhanov Murat Galiaskarovich, doctoral student of L.S. Gumilrv ENU, engineer of the Digital University Development Department.

4   Shebalina Olga Andreyevna, MP, junior researcher of the Engineering Pedagogy Center.

ORCID iD 0000-0001-7641-2528

Scopus Author ID 57207845776

  1. Zhdanova Eleonora Andreyevna, MPh., lecturer of the FL Department.

ORCID iD 0000-0002-8815-9256

  1. Damiyev Daniel Temirgaliyevich, ME.

ORCID iD 0000-0002-4245-6810

  1. Vassenyuk Svetlana Andreyevna, laboratory assistant of the FL Department.

ORCID iD 0000-0002-6388-7900

List of publications

  1. Jantassova D.D., Devero C. To the development of the potential for internationalization of a technical university // Bulletin of Karaganda University Series “Pedagogy”. – No. 3 (99). – 2020. – P. 6-11.

Information for potential consumers

A model of developing the internationalization potential of a technical university will be implemented to realize sustainable measures for internationalization of technical specialties.