Results of the video competition

Professional choice is one of the moments that determine a person’s life path. Most people, choosing a profession, choose their own destiny. Making decisions, a person chooses a path for further development and improvement. The profession creates, consolidates and broadcasts various programs of human actions, as well as contributes to their implementation. It determines the characteristics of the social conditions of a person’s life, his social status, and position in society.

The events associated with the choice of a profession are turning points on the path of life, after which a person’s life changes and takes on a new direction.

In order for the choice to be effective, it should take into account your own potential, personal characteristics and the current life situation.

In order to improve the skills of university students in promoting positive-oriented professional activities and attracting students to make a conscious choice of their future professional path from April 19 to April 25, 2021 a regional video contest “Building the Future today” was held, prepared by the Department of Russian Language and Culture of Karaganda Technical University.

The aim of the competition is to improve and instill skills in creating thematic videos and in promoting positive-oriented creative activities.

To achieve the goal of the Competition, its organizers identified both the need to solve a number of subject tasks, in particular, the formation of students ‘ communicative competence, and a number of educational tasks:

  • creating a positive image of the chosen profession and educational institution among students;
  • search for the information needed to create videos effectively;
  • self-realization of students ‘ creative abilities;
  • expanding knowledge about the world of professions;
  • identify and encourage talented students;
  • creative development;
  • development of creative initiative and activity.

In accordance with the terms and conditions of the contest, its participants had to submit videos shot (made) by any available means corresponding to the topic of the contest.

The competition was attended by students of various universities and colleges of Kazakhstan: Astana ITUniversity, Karaganda economic University, Kazakh main Academy of architecture and construction, Karaganda university named after. Buketova E. A. (Karaganda), Kokshetau University.Ualikhanov, Karaganda Technical University (K. College, Zhezkazgan higher Medical College, Polytechnic College of Kazmys Corporation (Balkhash), Zhezkazgan humanitarian college,Shymkent multidisciplinary college, Technical College (Balkhash).

The number of participants is 150 people.

The participants showed good results and fulfilled the tasks set.

The competition commission determined the winners of the competition:

I place:

  • Muratbek Enlik (head Akynzhanova A. A.), group SIB-20 – 2 KTU (Karaganda)
  • Ganieva Malika (head Timokhina T. V.), group IS-20 -1 KTU (Karaganda) 

II place:

  • Zhabay Zhanar (head of Kishenova A. Yu.), group MASH-20-1 KTU (Karaganda)
  • Zhanibek Aiken (head of Ramazanova Zh. Zh.), gr.1-1-9SD, Karaganda RHNC 

III place:

Fauedden Ayazhan (head of Ayazbayev B. K.), group Kaf-43 of Buketov KarU (Karaganda)

  • Duysenova Akerke (head Ivanova S. A.), group CAF-20-2 KTU (Karaganda)
  • Amanzholov Yessimzhan (head Azimbaeva Zh.A), group CAF-20-1 KTU (Karaganda)

The organizers express their gratitude to all participants of the contest for their active participation and the work done.