Students visited the orphanage “Tansholpan”



On April, 20, 2021 the students of the groups LOG-20-2, TT-20-2 together with their curators Shegebayeva G.E., Mergembayeva A.Zh. visited “Tansholpan” orphanage. The visits of students to orphanages have already become a tradition.

Children from orphanage lack attention and care. But on this day they had a real holiday! All the presents which were collected thanks to the help of the students were gladly accepted by the grateful children. And our caring students made the little hearts of the children rejoice and be merry in full force.

It is pleasant to be visited by students, sincere joy of boys and girls when they reach out and embrace you, share their news and worries, they are pleasantly surprised by their family-like warm home, deeply respected by responsive teachers who do their best to make the children feel comfortable, to give them a good education, to make up for the things they are lacking.

We cherish the opportunity to be close to children, who value communication, remember, wait for us, trust us and rejoice in our appearance, so that all other problems, failures and small troubles instantly recede into the background.

We have to take care of them and help them in times of need. Every child here needs attention and we have tried to make up for it. The students were happy to talk to the children, gave them presents and took part in fun games. It was so nice to see cheerful kids, excited about the meeting. Our task is to make these children laugh and enjoy life as much as possible.

That sincerity and openness that can be seen in the eyes of children can make us all kinder and wiser.

Through good deeds and intentions, a sense of patriotism, charity, compassion for orphans and a desire to give charity to those in need is born in the students.