From March 29 to April 19, 2021, on the territory of the sports complex KarTU, teachers of the Faculty of Physical Education conducted tests under the program “Test Yourself”

According to the fo, from March 29 to April 19, 2021, on the territory of the Kar TU sports complex, teachers of the FV department conducted tests under the “Test Yourself” program for first-year students in the number of 1660 people (68 people are exempt from physical activity for health reasons).

In the control standards of the “Check Yourself” program, physical exercises are highlighted, covering almost the entire range of basic physical qualities, which indirectly reflect the functional state of the human body and to some extent determine the state of its health. Students receive a real and simple tool for monitoring and analyzing their physical condition throughout their lives.

The exercises proposed in the Map (pull-up on the crossbar, flexion-straightening of the arms from the position in the supine position (push-up), running, long jumps from a place, lifting the trunk from the supine position, hands behind the head) are most often found in domestic and foreign programs of test tests of students.

The tests showed that due to the epidemic of the corona virus, the indicators of physical fitness of students sharply decreased. To change this situation, the teachers of the Department of Physical Education give students individual tasks on physical training for the summer period.