The results of the Republican essay competition ” Friendship of Peoples – one of the sources of Victory in the Great Patriotic War “

Еvents whose significance is not dimmed by the inexorable passage of time and which are not erased from the memory of people. Memories of them are carefully preserved and passed on from generation to generation, survive for centuries. Memory is the link between the past and the future!

VICTORY DAY is not just a holiday!!! Victory Day is one of the greatest days. This date will never be erased from history, it will remain forever in the calendar, and will always remind you of those terrible events.

On the eve of the celebration of the 76th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War from April 05 to April 15, 2021, the Department of the Russian language and culture organized and conducted the Republican essay сompetition “Friendship of Peoples – one of the sources of Victory in the Great Patriotic War”.

The main goal of the contest is to create feelings of national pride and patriotism among young people, respect for the history of their state, increase the importance of Victory in history, and its influence on the formation of national identity.

To achieve the goal of the сompetition, the organizers identified the subject tasks, in particular, the formation of students ‘ communicative competence and a number of educational ones:

  • introducing the young generation to the spiritual and moral values of their country;
  • education of a creatively active and independent personality with a moral attitude and self-knowledge;
  • fostering respect for yourself and others;
  • education of students in the love of knowledge of the history and culture of their country.

According to the terms of the сompetition, participants had to write an essay, while showing originality in the presentation of the text and patriotism in its content.

All participants were unanimous in the opinion that the celebration of such historical dates and events in the country is necessary, as they remind the younger generation of the glorious victories of the soldiers who determined the course of development of our state and its present day.

In their works, the сompetition participants emphasized that the knowledge of the history of the heroism of their predecessors makes our youth better, more united, more patriotic and gives them the opportunity to feel more confident in the international arena, cultivates pride in their country.

The competition was attended by students from 8 universities of Kazakhstan.

The guys showed good results: all the participants coped with the task and became winners and prize-winners of the сompetition.

The competition commission determined the winners:

I place:

  1. Elutayeva Aida (head Aldasheva G. B.), gr. 101 Stom. WKSU named after M. Ospanov (Aktobe)
  2. Beibit Shugyla (head of Azimbayeva Zh. A.), gr. ST-20-1KART (Karaganda)

II place:

  1. Zhumadil Perizat (head Timokhina T. V.), IS-20-1 gr., KTU (Karaganda)
  2. Kaldarbekov Sayat (head Akynzhanova A. A.), IS-20-1 gr., KTU (Karaganda)

III place:

  1. Abduali Aruzhan (head N. V. Dokuchaeva), AU-20-2 gr., KTU (Karaganda)
  2. Kulik Turar (head A. A. Moldassanova), SIS -2002 gr. MUIT (Almaty).

The competition committee determined the best works in three categories:

Nomination ” For originality and creativity»

  1. Galy Yernar, 13 gr., Gumilyov Eurasian National University, Nursultan.
  2. Artem Savelyev, 5 potok farm, NJSC KSMU, Karaganda.
  3. Razakberli Gulim, SIB-19 gr., FIT, Gumilyov Eurasian National University, Nursultan.

Nomination ” For writing style and integrity of presentation»

  1. Toyshybekova Aigerim, SSIM-20-1 gr., Almaty Technical University, Almaty.
  2. Duysenbek Ayym, Faculty of Mathematics and Information Technologies, Karaganda State University named after E. A. Buketov.
  3. Toleuzhan Erken, Balkhash Multidisciplinary College.

Nomination ” For the best argumentation»

  1. Kanieva Malika, IS-20-1 gr., Karaganda Technical University, Karaganda;
  2. Diana Kayrolla, OPI-20-1 gr., Karaganda Technical University, Karaganda.
  3. Zhumabayeva Altynai, 11B gr., General Medicine, West Kazakhstan Medical University named after Marat Ospanov, Aktobe.

The organizers express their gratitude to all the participants of the contest for their active participation and the work done.