24.02.2021 Master class of the curatorial hour of the BZHD – 19-3c group of the RAiOT Department

Organizers: assistant of the Department of  RAiOT Isakov B. E., students of the group BZHD19-3c

The head of the department N. R. Zholmagambetov attended the curatorial hour and made a welcome speech. The senior curator N. A. Medeubaev and the assistant of the department A. A. Rakhimberlina were also present.

The curatorial hour is dedicated to the closure of the Semipalatinsk test site. At the curatorial hour, they told about the opening of the Semipalatinsk test site, the damage caused by nuclear explosions and the closing process, with the participation of the outstanding Kazakh writer and public figure O. Suleimenov.

The purpose of the master class: to “discover” the moral aspects of the problem of preserving peace and life on Earth; to show students the terrible consequences of the landfill. Tasks: to cultivate love for the Motherland, a civil position; to evoke an emotional response to the situations of modern history in the process of educating visual and artistic aids; to develop a willingness to take an active responsible life position in the preservation of peace.