On October 12, 2020, the round table “A conscious person” was held on the Zoom platform in the group BZHD-17-1, where a curatorial hour was held

The purpose of the Round Table is to educate the younger generation of students who are oriented towards the future, who are educated, conscientious, serve their country faithfully, and have a high sense of patriotism.

The educational essence of the Round Table is patriotic education, increasing cognitive activity, encouraging students to express their opinions, speak freely, and be confident.

The guest was the Chief Specialist of the Center for the preservation of historical and cultural heritage of Karaganda region, historian Adilbayev Ardak.

Focusing on the stage of human development, as well as the emergence of spiritual and material values taking place in modern society, is the product of human consciousness.  The narrative of the formation of human culture and life in the present day, starting with human life in the time of primitive communal construction, explained the difference between ancient people and modern people.