On March 30, 2021, the Orsk Institute of Humanities and Technology held an International online conference “Europe and Asia: at the Intersection of Cultures” with the participation of students of Karaganda Technical University

The purpose of the event:

  • popularization of the achievements of Kazakhstan and Russian science;
  • development of an international network of design and research community of higher school teachers based on the application of research activities in education;
  • formation of students ‘ interest in scientific research, the desire to improve their intellectual and cultural level.

Event tasks:

  • create conditions for the formation of skills of experimental research and creative activity of students;
  • contribute to the formation of students ‘ socially active position; the ability to see the whole world through the prism of scientific and artistic search, research, experiment;
  • to introduce students to the spiritual and moral values of Russian and world science;
  • contribute to the formation of a bank of pedagogical technologies and methodological developments, the accumulation of material in the portfolio of teachers and students.

On the results of the conference winners were determined in the section “the Main directions and problems of interaction of languages and language education”:

I place – Ivanova M. (supervisor Dokuchayeva N. V.);

Demirbay D. (supervisor Azimbayeva Zh)

Mukasheva K. (supervisor Ivanova S. A.);

Aresheva A. (supervisor Tleubayeva D. B.);

II place – Zhassimova A., Serik T. (supervisor Azimbayeva Zh).

Congratulations to our winners!