On 16 December 1991, the Republic of Kazakhstan first declared itself an independent state. This day is considered a National Holiday, which is celebrated on 16 and 17 December.

During the years of independence, young Kazakhstan has managed to gain recognition in the international community. The country’s economic potential has been strengthened, and its authority and status is highly valued by world powers.

In a short period of time, the state has managed to implement “Madeni Mura”, “Kazakhstan 2050”, “Nurly Zhol”, “Rukhani Zhangyru” and other equally successful programmes.

The goal ahead is to become one of the top 30 developed countries. But along with political and economic reforms, we need to focus on spiritual renewal.

The Research Institute of Patriotic Education of Karaganda Technical University has organised an inter-university regional competition of patriotic video clips “Independence is Worth It All” among first year students dedicated to the “30th anniversary of independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan”.

The students of the group LOG-20-2, supervised by the lecturer of the “Higher mathematics” department Shegebayeva G.E. prepared a video, in which the history of achievement of independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan since the times of Kerey and Zhanibek, who created the new state “Kazakh Khanate” was shown..

This year marks the 30th anniversary of our independence. This is an important date in strengthening the revived Kazakh statehood, the freedom that our ancestors strived for. Students Ber Artem, Shafrik Ekaterina, Vituschenko Fedor, Schneider Eduard, outlined the main idea of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan: “Being an independent country is not limited to its proclamation or the creation of the foundation of a state. The real struggle for Independence will go on forever with daily hard work, uninterrupted and consistent country policy. We will only survive on earth as a nation with our powerful Independent State. We must hold firmly to this enduring truth. “Independence is dearer than everything!” – must be our eternal slogan”.

The group was awarded a letter of appreciation for its participation in the regional competition.