Results of the International Competition “CHALLENGES OF THE 21ST CENTURY”

 International competition “CHALLENGES OF THE 21ST CENTURY” among students of the

Ivanovo State Power Engineering University (Ivanovo, Russia),

Belarusian State University (Minsk, Belarus),

Karaganda Technical University (Karaganda, RK)

Karaganda Technical University (Karaganda, RK)

In order to implement the educational project “Development of a strategic approach: quality management of the educational process and methods of teaching languages ​​in a technical university” and international cooperation, the International competition “CHALLENGES OF THE 21ST CENTURY” was held among students of the Ivanovo State Energy University (Ivanovo, Russia) , Belarusian State University (Minsk, Belarus) and Karaganda Technical University (Karaganda, RK) in March.

The international competition was attended by 10 KTU students with design work in Russian and English.

An expert commission from among the teaching staff of KTU, ISEU and BSU carried out work to evaluate the competitive works, during which the following students of KTU became the winners of the competition:

Based on the results of competitive works presented in Russian:

1st place – Madi Baspakov(гр.АиУ-20-2 )  with the project “Problems of Engineering Education”, supervisor N.V. Dokuchaeva

2nd place – Nurgazieva Zhanerke (гр. БТ -20-1) with the project “Biotechnology – the way to the future”, head Timokhina T.V.

3rd place – Temirbay Darkhan (гр. ОПИ-20-1)with the project “Problems of mineral processing”, head of Azimbaeva Zh.A.

Among the design works in English:

2nd place – Saya Zaitova (гр. ЦАФ 20-2)with the work “Distance education: advantages and disadvantages”, supervisor S.A. Ivanova

3rd place – Anel Dzhashibekova (гр. Мет-20-1) with the design work “The consequences of the impact of heavy metals on the environment”, supervisor N. Kasenova

Congratulations to the winners of the International Competition “CHALLENGES OF THE 21ST CENTURY” who have brightly demonstrated their research skills, communication and business skills!