Debate on “Alternative learning methods”

On 15 March 2021, the teachers of the Higher Mathematics Department held an online debate on ” Alternative learning methods “. The students of the groups took part in the debate: Log-20-2, TT-20-2, ND-20-3, ITM-20-1, CAF-20-2, GD-20-3, EE-20-2 (48 participants).

Students prepared informative and interesting reports on the topics:

“Actual methods of teaching”, “Alternative ways of teaching”, “Akparattyk technologiylardy oқu-turbiye urdisinde paidalanu tyimdiligi”, “Okytudyn balamaly әdisteri”, “Shatalov V.F. – national teacher and innovator”. All participants listened with interest to the information about innovative methods of teaching and organization of educational process in schools and universities of other countries: “Dual education in Germany”, “Education in South Korea”. The students actively asked questions to the presenters, who were fluent in the material presented and were interested in additional information that was not included in the presentations. The students themselves analysed and were able to characterise the teaching methods, transferring them to the teaching process of our HEI. The students presented their reports: Danil Melnik (st gr. ITM-20-1), Bolat Zhalgas (st. gr. GD-20-3), Akierke Dyisekenova (st. gr. CAF-20-2), Andrey Volokontsev (st. gr. Log-20-2), Franz Kifel (st. gr. EE-20-2), Ernur Duman (st. gr. ND-20-3).

Concluding the debate candidate of pedagogical sciences Abaeva N.F. told about the formation of the education system over the past 20 years, about the features and changes in the educational process in Kazakhstan at the present time. About the fact that Kazakhstan carries out purposeful, consistent work on the convergence of the national system of higher education with the educational systems of the countries participating in the Bologna process..

During the debates the reports were heard in Kazakh and Russian languages. Faculty members of the Higher Mathematics Department took part in the organization: Mustafina L.M., Abayeva N.F., Shaikhova G.S., Zhurov V.V., Tuleutayeva Z.M., Yarullina A.R., Mergembayeva A.Z., Shegebayeva G.E.