Round table on the topic “Alikhan Bukeikhanov: man of legend”, dedicated to the 155th anniversary of the public figure and ethnographer

On March 12, 2021, teachers of the Department of Russian Language and Culture held a Round Table on the topic “Alikhan Bukeikhanov: man of legend”, to a talented publicist – Alikhan Bukeikhanov, who devoted his entire adult life to the struggle for freedom and political independence of the Kazakh people.

Responsible teachers are:  head of the department Ospanova B.R., Tazhibaeva S.M., Kabanova A.B.

The remote (on-line) form of participation in the event on the Microsoft Teams platform (code – vzhqap6) made it possible to reach more than 105 participants from among the first-year students of KTU.

During the event, topics related to the life, social, political and scientific activities of Alikhan Bukeikhanov were discussed. It is important to note that the youth of the university shows great interest in the life of a representative of the Kazakh intelligentsia. A student of the MD-20-1 group, Katpa Aigerim, dedicated a poem of her own composition to the leader of the Alash National Democratic Party, Alikhan Bukeikhanov:

Мезгіл өтті, заман қайта жаңғырып,
Келді еліме тәуелсіздік таң күліп
Бабалардың қаны,  тері, еңбегі,
Ұрпағының жүрегінде мәңгілік!
Ұрпағына арнап кеткен көмегін!
Тарихымнан көрем бабам өнерін.
Елі үшін петиция арнаған,
Әлихандай бар жанашыр өренің,
Қошеметтеп дана болған баласын,
Аспандатып қазақ деген алашын,
Тілге, ұлтқа, жерге қатер төнгенде,
Әлихандар болған еді жанашыр!
Ұлы бабам, ерлігіңіз шын асыл,
Тарихымда жұлдыз болып тұрасыз.
Ерлігіңіз алтынменен жазылар,
Тарихымда ардақты асыл тұлғасыз!


Then a video was shown from the series of documentary-publicistic films “Secrets and Fates of the Great Kazakhs”: “Alikhan Bukeikhanov is an aristocrat of the spirit …” under the heading “top secret”.

The informational part, including material about the life and work of A. Bukeikhanov, was prepared by students:

– Baurzhan Zhadyra, student of gr. MD-20-1, spoke about the life of a public figure, noting that he strove all his life to preserve the Kazakh people as a single nation, to restore its national statehood.

– Komek Ansar, student of gr. GD-20-3, prepared an interesting presentation material about journalistic and publicistic activities.

– Hamze Adilbek, student of gr. EE-20-1, made a presentation on social and political activities.

– Zhakhin Salim, student of gr. TS-20-1, introduced the participants of the event to the scientific activities of the scientist.

The practical part of the Round Table consisted of a competition for knowledge of the creativity of Alikhan Bukeikhanov (30 questions).

Students who took an active part in the event and gave a large number of correct answers were awarded diplomas.

The 1st degree diploma was awarded to:

Katpa Aygerim – student of gr. MD-20-1  (teacher Kabanova A.B), Khamze Adilbek – student of gr. EE-20-1 (teacher Tazhibaeva S.M.).

The 2nd degree diploma was awarded to:

Komek Ansar – student of gr. GD-20-3 (teacher Baimamyrov S.A.), Baurzhan Zhadyra – student of gr. MD-20-1 (teacher Ivanova S.M.).

The 3rd degree diploma was awarded to:

Amangeldiev Almaz – student of gr. EE-20-1 (teacher Kishenova A.Y.), Zhakhin Salim – student of gr. TS-20 (teacher Dokuchaeva N.V.),  Muzhit Mukhamedbukir – student of gr. EE-20-1 (teacher Timokhina T.V.).

In the final part, the participants summed up the results of the event and emphasized that Alikhan Bukeikhanov is an important historical figure who strove to ensure that our country was a prosperous and independent state.