“Nauryz Meiramy – a holiday of spring renewal and abundance in Kazakhstan”

On March 17, 2021 at 15.00

“Foreign Languages Department”

will host

Festive online concert on Microsoft Teams

“Nauryz Meiramy – a holiday of spring renewal and abundance in Kazakhstan”

as part of the implementation of the special project “Dustur men guryp”


More than 100 KTU students, as well as teaching staff of the Foreign Languages Department ​​will take part in the event.

The Purpose of the event is instilling interest in the study of the state and foreign languages, the formation of patriotism through the study of the cultural heritage of the people, the identification and development of students’ creative abilities, the preservation of the national identity of students, the development of tolerance to other cultures and languages.

The 1st year students will participate in a festive concert, performing songs in Russian and Kazakh languages, playing good and guitar, showing presentations in three languages ​​about the celebration of Nauryz, traditions, games, cuisine, customs in different countries, as well as a quiz on knowledge of interesting facts about the holiday.

Responsible for the event are the head of the department of foreign languages, candidate of pedagogical sciences, associate professor Jantasova Damira Dulatovna, responsible for the social-educational work of the department Izotova Aigerim Serikovna, teachers of the department Nurpeisova Dina Lesbekovna, Nesipbaeva Nazym Erzhanovna.

We invite everyone to our festive event!

Microsoft Teams Code  fc2l6kz