Video competition “Science through the lens: the people of KTU”


Today Karaganda Technical University is one of the largest innovation-oriented technical universities in Kazakhstan with a significant educational potential. The high status is due to the priority development of fundamental and applied research of scientists who have made a significant contribution to the formation of the University as a scientific and technical center of advanced technologies.

The names of such scientists as A.S. Saginov, M.A. Yermekov, G.G. Piven, K.B. Kyzyrov, S.S. Zhetessov, M.K. Ibatov, I.V. Braido, N.A. Drizhd, A.Z. Issagulov, I. D. Arystan and others are forever in the history of Karaganda Technical University. In this regard, on February 10, 2021, the Department of the Russian Language and Culture of Speech, within the framework of the Rukhani Zhagyru program, held a video competition “Science through the lens: people of KTU”. The objectives of the event were popularization of science in the student environment, disclosure of intellectual abilities, as well as stimulation of the creative activity of students; involving students in socially useful activities in order to strengthen spiritual and moral values; education of the professional culture of students through the studying of scientific and technical achievements of the University outstanding scientists and teachers.             The competition was attended by first-year full-time students. Within several weeks, the students actively worked with their supervisors, collecting the material about university scientists and preparing to create a video.             According to the results of the performances, the following places were allocated: 1st place:


GD-20-3 Komek Ansar, Keulimzhayeva Akmoldir (supervisor S.M. Tazhibayeva);• VT-20-1 Zeken Alikhan, Amangeldy Alibek, Ertai Dinara, Nasseyova Aina (supervisor T. Timokhina).                      2nd place: • GPR-20-1: Dauletova Fariza, Satybaldy Laura (supervisor S.K. Nurpeisova);• Met-20-1: Zhumatova Aruzhan, Dzhashibekova Anel, Ayaganova Zhuldyz, Kaly Akzhol, Koshkinbayev Bekzat (supervisor N.A. Kassenova).

3rd place: • VT (IS) -20s Omarov Sherkhan (supervisor Zh.A. Azimbaeva);• CAF-20-2: Duissenova Ayerke, Kabidenova Malika, Zaitova Saya, Mukasheva Kamila, Abdinazar Almaz, Aissimbaeva Zayra, Biniyazova Altynay, Elibekova Leyla (supervisor S.A. Ivanova).              It is necessary to note the special creative approach of students to the preparation of video materials, which consists in compositional and content complexity. For example, students of the Mining specialty (group GD-20-3) have chosen a special genre of journalistic style, interviews as a form of work. The interviewee was the winner of the state scientific scholarship for talented young scientists of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the competition “The best young scientist – innovator of KSTU 2015″, head of the Development of Mineral Deposits Department A.Zh. Imashev. The students prepared questions that most fully reveal the scientific and cognitive information content of the material. So, students were interested in such questions as: “What prompted you to engage in scientific activity?”, “What innovations of foreign countries would you recommend to introduce into the system of our university?”, “We know that science is a thorny path that requires strength and patience. What qualities do you think a young scientist should have? ” etc. It should be noted that the scientist gave detailed answers to the questions asked and wished the students to join science. For the completeness of the stated topic presentation, the choice of the form of presentation of the work and the compliance of speech with the literary norms of the modern Russian language, this work deserves a high assessment.             The author’s approach is noted in the work of students of group VT-20-1. This is manifested in the synthesis of various forms of material presentation. For example, in the course of the work, a survey was conducted among University students regarding the knowledge of the personality of the scientist under consideration. The question: “Do you know A.S. Saginov?” was answered positively by most of participants. It is important to note the friendly team spirit of the students, which was manifested in the creation of a high-quality video in content and technical terms.             Thus, such educational events provide an opportunity to make interested a wide range of student youth and popularize scientific knowledge. The video competition “Science through the lens: the people of KTU” contributed to the expansion of the intellectual potential of students, their research activity, increased public activity and initiative.