Registration for the Internet Olympiad in the subjects: mathematics, physics, geography, history of Kazakhstan, biology, chemistry, Kazakh and Russian languages has been completed at the Karaganda Technical University

Students of 11 grades of schools and students of 1 course of colleges from all regions of Kazakhstan took part in the Olympiad.

2361 participants from the following regions passed registration: Karaganda region – 664p., Pavlodar region – 478p., Atyrau region – 263p., Kyzylorda region -263p., Akmola region – 73p., East Kazakhstan region – 72p., Kostanay region – 65p., North Kazakhstan region – 57p., Mangistau region – 54p., Turkestan region– 51p., West Kazakhstan region– 48p., Almaty city – 47p., Almaty region – 47p., Nur-Sultan city– 46p., Aktobe region –  45p., Shymkent city – 44p., Zhambyl region – 44p.

The next stage of the Olympiad is providing access, issuing assignments for the 1st round in subjects:

  1. Mathematics from 01.02.2021 till 02.02.2021.
  2. Physics from 03.02.2021 till 04.02.2021.
  3. Chemistry from 05.02.2021 till 06.02.2021.
  4. Biology 08.02.2021.
  5. History of Kazakhstan 09.02.2021.
  6. Geography 10.02.2021.
  7. Kazakh language 11.02.2021.
  8. Russian language 12.02.2021.