The departments of the Karaganda Technical University, together with the Center of Marketing and Contract Relations and the Admissions Committee, held online meetings with schoolchildren and college students of the Karaganda region

ThDuring the meetings, videos about the activities of the university were shown, as well as an acquaintance with the military department.

Provided information on groups of educational programs and specialized subjects.

The topic of students’ leisure in their free time was touched upon in the Association of student organizations, the body of student, intellectual, cultural, spiritual and moral self-government of youth “Zhas Orda”.

  1. 01.2021. Department of Mine aerology and a labor safety – Karaganda: GSS No.95, GES No.10, Karkaralinsk district: GSS No.1, GSS No.44;
  2. 01.2021. Department of Nanotechnology and metallurgy – Karaganda: GSS No.52, GSS No.23;
  3. 02.2021. Department of APK and SHD – Karaganda GSS No.77;
  4. 02.2021. Department of Energy–   Karaganda Polytechnic Higher College;
  5. 02.2021. Department of Physics – Karaganda GSS No.59;
  6. 02.2021. Department of Kazakh language and Culture –   Karaganda School – gymnasium No.102; GSS No.4; Zhanarka district, Atasu village SS named after Zhumabekov О., SS Aktobe, GS named after Gagarin Yu.A., SS named after Seifullin S., SS Kyzylzhar, SS Intaly, SS Atasu, SS Intum, GS No.144, GS Ainabulak,                                   SS Kenzhebay – Samai;
  7. 02.2021. Department of Information Technology and Security – Karaganda: GSS No.41, GSS No.81;
  8. 02.2021. Department of Industrial transport – Saran, Saransk Humanitarian and Technical College named after Kunanbaev A., Zhezkazgan, Zhezkazgan Polytechnic College;
  9. 02.2021. Department of IСS – Karaganda GSS No.4, Lyceum No.2;
  10. 02.2021. Department of Information Technology and Security – Karaganda GSS No.7, GSS No.17;
  11. 02.2021. Department of Geology and exploration of mineral deposits – г.Караганда GSS No.91;
  12. 02.2021. Department of IСS – Bukhar-Zhyrau region.
  13. 02.2021. Department of Higher Mathematics – Karaganda GSS No.18, GSS No.27; Shakhtinsk.
  14. 02.2021. Department of Energy – Karaganda: GSS No.36, GSS No.48;                          Karazhal: School No.10, No.1, No.7;  Zhairem village – School No.30; village Tugisken, School No.10: