Video competition «Science in the lens: people of KTU»

 Dear colleagues!


On February 10, 2021, a video competition “Science in the Lens: people of KTU” will be held on the basis of the Karaganda Technical University within the framework of the “Rukhani Zhangyru” program.

Organizers: head of the Department of Russian language and Culture Ospanova B. R., teachers Tleumbetovа D. B., Ten A.V., Baltabaeva U. K.

Participants of the event: 1st year students.

The form of participation is individual and group.

Purpose of the event:

  • Popularization of science in the student environment, disclosure of intellectual abilities, as well as stimulating the creative activity of students;
  • Involvement of students in socially useful activities, in order to strengthen spiritual and moral values;
  • Education of professional culture of students through the study of scientific and technical achievements of outstanding scientists and teachers of the university.

Today, Karaganda Technical University is one of the largest innovation-oriented technical universities in Kazakhstan, with significant educational potential. The high status is due to the priority development of fundamental and applied research of scientists who have made a significant contribution to the formation of the university as a scientific and technical center of advanced technologies.

In this regard, the Department of Russian Language and Culture holds a video competition aimed at stimulating the creative, cognitive and social activity of students.

Requirements for competitive works:

  • indication of the full name, group of participants;
  • compliance with the competition theme;
  • original ideas, creative approach;
  • accessibility of perception (the material should be presented in an easy-to-understand language without highly specialized terms);
  • the duration of the video-no more than 5 minutes.

Criteria for evaluating competitive works.

The contents of the work must meet the following criteria:

  1. Сontent: the completeness of the topic, scientific and educational information content of the plot and original (creative) representation of the contest theme.
  2. Speech culture: richness of language, expressiveness, stylistic unity, compliance with the norms of the modern Russian language.

III. Technical implementation: the quality of the sound, synchronized background music and image, editing, etc.

Information about the results of the competition will be posted on the official website of the university and on the social network Instagram of the department



Coordinators: Ten A.V., Baltabaeva U.K.

Tel.: +77013695940, +77023707646