International competition “3 minutes of abstracts”

International competition “3 minutes of abstracts”

among students

Ivanovo state power engineering University

(Russia, Ivanovo),

Belarusian state University

(Republic of Belarus, Minsk) and

Karaganda technical University (Republic of Kazakhstan, Karaganda)


In December 2020, the international competition “3 minutes of abstracts” is held, which is attended by students and undergraduates of the University (Kazakhstan), IGEU (Russia) and BSU (Belarus).

The international competition (hereinafter referred to as the competition) is a form of attracting students and undergraduates to research activities, expanding their General cultural and scientific horizons, acquiring research skills and providing high-quality language training, scientific discussion and business communication skills.

The contest is organized by:

 Department of Russian language and culture.;

 Department of intensive study of English, Russian and French languages of igue and BSU.

Terms and procedure of the contest: December 2020-January 2021

The goals of the international competition are:

развитие development of intercultural dialogue between Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan;

укрепление strengthening of trust, mutual understanding and good-neighborliness between students of the three countries, cultures and nationalities;

 development of scientific information and communication environment in the community of students living in Kazakhstan, Russia and Belarus;

стимули stimulating research and educational activities of University students;

 support for talented and gifted University youth;

содействие promotion of the intellectual potential of higher education institutions.

The contest presents videos of participants with a presentation on a project aimed at identifying intellectual and creative abilities, skills to defend their hypotheses and solve practical problems.

The competition criteria include:

 presentation of the material in scientific language when using a presentation;

 originality of the research;

 full disclosure of the topic;

 number of participants in the video -1 people;

 number of slides -1;

 compliance with the regulations (3 minutes).

At the end of the work, the expert Commission from among the faculty of the University, IGEU And BSU makes a decision on the winners and prize-winners of the competition works. The winners of the competition are awarded with international Diplomas.