“Online Learning Technologies”

Republican online Competition of presentations:

“Online learning technologies”

was held by Foreign Languages Department of Karaganda Technical University under the guidance of Associate Professor, Candidate of pedagogical sciences Jantassova Damira Dulatovna


80 students of our university and also other students and teachers from Narxoz University (Almaty), S.Seifullin Kazakh Agro Technical University (Nur-Sultan), Central Kazakhstan Academy participated (Karaganda).


The aim of the Competition is to promote motivation to learn foreign languages in the conditions of distance learning and digitalization during the pandemic period.


Participants of the Republican Contest of Presentations prepared speeches, materials about new fascinating techniques, training platforms, refresher courses for both students and teachers, as well as employees of organizations, to obtain the quality education, drawing attention to the foreign experience of international universities and educational institutions, discussed online learning, its benefits, innovations, ways of motivation. Information technology offers unprecedented opportunities for targeted, authentic learning, and the university’s information services must support both formal and non-formal education.


Responsible for the event were the Head of the Department of Foreign Languages, Candidate of pedagogical sciences, Associate Professor Jantasova Damira Dulatovna, responsible for the social-educational work of the FL department, master of pedagogical sciences, senior teacher Izotova Aigerim Serikovna, master of pedagogical sciences, senior teacher Tentekbaeva Zhuldyz Mukhamedgalievna, master of Arts, senior teacher Babzhanova Rymgul Zhumagalikyzy.


Participants of the event, students of Almaty, Nur-Sultan, Karaganda: Malchubaev Anuar (Narxoz University, scientific supervisor Dinar Kozhakhmetova), Rakhmet Alua (Narxoz University, scientific supervisor Zhanar Abisheva), Kikimova Madina S 20-3 (KTU, scientific supervisor Zhanna Kakulya), Kablanov Meir MD 20-3 (KTU, scientific supervisor Izotova Aigerim), Shakenova Makpal (Narxoz University, scientific supervisor Abisheva Zhanar), Kalzhaparova Moldir (Narxoz University, scientific supervisor Berkinbaeva Gulzat), Zhakan Zhan VT 20-3 (KTU , scientific supervisor Kakulya Zhanna), Sitnikova Maria Tsaf 20-3 (KTU, scientific supervisor Tentekbaeva Zhuldyz), Chasovnikova Alisa Tsaf 20-3 (KTU, scientific supervisor Tentekbaeva Zhuldyz), Tuleukhanov Nurdgulet (Narxoz University, scientific supervisor Berkinbaeva Gulzat), Seidalieva Aselya (Narxoz University, scientific supervisor Berkinbaeva Gulzat), Iskakov Vladislav Sib 20-3 (KTU, scientific supervisor Izotova Aigerim), Bazhenova Diana (Kazakh agro-technical university, scientific Sagindykova Ardak), Isenova Sabina (Kazakh Agro-Technical University, scientific supervisor Sagindykova Ardak), Pavlova Julia Arch 20-3 (KTU, scientific supervisor Babzhanova Rymgul), Iskakova Anel (Central Kazakhstan Academy, scientific supervisor Alzhanova Ainur).


Members of the Jury of the Presentation Competition: a teacher of the Miras International School in Almaty, winner of the Bright Future Academy Award, Cambridge Montessori School – Itake Ekan Pius; Associate Professor of FL Department, Ph.D – An Ekaterina Donginovna; senior teacher of FL Department, doctoral student of E.A. Buketov KarU Akhmetova Dinara Rashidovna; specialist of the department of strategic development at KTU, doctoral student of L.N. Gumilyov ENU Kozhanbergenova Aigerim Sultanbekovna; teacher of FL Department master of Pedagogical Sciences Mustapaeva Oral Tulenbekovna.


The Criteria for evaluation of your performances:

– originality of the used material;

– the speaker owns the content, clearly and competently presents the material in the language, correctly answers questions and comments from the audience;

– the presentation should be cognitive and informative;

– the presentation should reflect the relevance of the problem, key points, own point of view on this topic, conclusion.


After all the performances of the participants, while the jury was evaluating the points, Musical performances of KTU students were showed. 1st and 2nd year students: Igor Dobryansky (group SIB 20-3) masterly played the electric guitar – the American popular melody of the Red Hot Chili Peppers group “Can’t Stop”, Sovetkhan Arnur (group OPI 19-1) played the dombra – kuy ” Yerkesylkym “, Yegor Stepanov (group ND 20-3) played the guitar – the melody “The city that does not exist”, Dias Amantay (group GD 20-3) played  the dombra – kuy “Balbyrauyn”.


The jury selected 3 best presentations, as well as winners in 4 nominations.


The Winners were

  1. Shakenova Makpal (Narxoz University, Almaty, scientific supervisor Abisheva Zhanar)
  2. Kablanov Meir MD 20-3 (KTU, Karaganda, scientific supervisor Izotova Aigerim),
  3. Iskakov Vladislav Sib 20-3 (KTU, Karaganda, scientific supervisor Izotova Aigerim),


The Winners in the nominations were

  1. NOMINATION for the best Speaking Performance – Pavlova Julia Arkh 20-3 (KTU, Karaganda, scientific supervisor Babzhanova Rymgul).
  2. NOMINATION for the Most Creative Presentation – Anel Iskakova (Central Kazakhstan Academy, Karaganda, scientific supervisor Ainur Alzhanova).
  3. NOMINATION for the best Originality of an Idea – Isenova Sabina (Kazakh Agro-Technical University, Nur-Sultan, scientific supervisor Sagindykova Ardak).
  4. NOMINATION for the best Argumentation of the Project – Nurdulet Tuleukhanov (Narxoz University, Almaty, scientific supervisor Gulzat Berkinbaeva).


All participants, winners and their scientific supervisors of the competition received certificates from the Organizing Committee of the competition.


Participants of musical performances also received Certificates.


The results of the event were the exchange of experience, the development of critical thinking, creative abilities of students, an increase in the number of prize-winners of creative intellectual competitions, the acquisition of new humanitarian knowledge, and an increase in knowledge of a foreign language.