Anti-corruption culture

“The Hour of integrity”: “Aiteke bi: sharpness of reasoning and sharpness of utterances»

“Hour of integrity” on the topic: “Principles of integrity in the legacy of Kazybek bi»

Online video tutorial on ” Tole bi-the founder of honesty and justice»

Debate tournament ” Anti-corruption measures»

“The Hour of Integrity” ” Philosophy of Justice Sultanmakhmut Toraighyrov”

“Hour of integrity” “Philosophy of justice of Sultanmakhmut Toraighyrov” ППС

Online contest of advertising and image videos on legal topics: “The college is a clean territory from corruption

Anti-corruption campaign

Open master class “Sybailas zhemkorlyk kogam derti”

Online contest for the best drawing “A country without corruption”, dedicated to the Anti-Corruption Day

Приказ по коррупции 2020

План антикоррупция

Open master class on the topic: “combating corruption in educational institutions»

Round table “Corruption: causes, influences and methods»

Curatorial hours “Integrity-the legacy of the Great Abai”

Republican action “Hour of Integrity”

Open master class on the topic was held online: “Anti-corruption – a new form of patriotism”

Attention students  of correspondence course College of Innovative Technologies KSTU:

Winter session begins on 04.12.2017.
The class starts at 15:00.
Collection in the cabinet 430, block -1
College administration

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