Brain-ring “to know three languages – the dictates of time”


On October 14, 2020, the Department of Russian language and culture of Karaganda technical University held a planned brain-ring event on the theme: “to know three languages – the dictates of time”. Responsible teachers: head.the Department Ospanova B. R., Dokuchaeva N. In. Kichanova A. Yu., Tusupbekov A. S., Binamira S. A.


The form of participation in the conference is remote (online) on the Microsoft Teams platform (code-zaqn29h)

. questions were prepared for participants on the following topics:

  1. Russian in the world.
  2. Language and science.
  3. Language and art.
  4. Language and politics.

The purpose of the event is to promote interest in the languages, to form a worldview based on an understanding of the relevance of the introduction of trilingual education, creation of conditions for formation and development of socially significant values, citizenship and patriotism among students.

Objectives of the event:

– create conditions for students to systematize information about the role, functions and meaning of the Kazakh, Russian and English languages;

– create conditions for the development of students ‘ cognitive interest in the history of the countries of the studied languages;

– create conditions for students to develop a personal attitude to the future of their country.

The main indicator for organizing such an event at the moment is the relevance of the implementation of trilingual education as the main factor of socio–economic and General cultural progress of society.

The idea of creating the game is based on consolidating existing information about the functions, meaning, and role of languages, as well as creating the necessary conditions for participants to independently search for the necessary information on the main thematic sections of the brain ring, processing and applying this information during participation in the event.

Using the form of questions and answers, conditions are created for developing the ability to apply logically constructed and correct conclusions during the game. Due to the independent search by participants for the necessary information in preparation for the game, it is expected to increase the level of General awareness of students in this area.

Intellectual and educational games are currently one of the most popular forms of working with students.  This allows, on the one hand, to control the existing knowledge of students, on the other – it is an excellent teaching tool, which expands the vocabulary, replenishes the information baggage of participants about the Russian language and culture, which in turn contributes to the formation of speech skills in the areas of interpersonal, social, professional, and intercultural communication.

The event was held in a comfortable environment, and the competitive spirit and will to win helped the teams to respond quickly and correctly to the set games. All participants were active, as a result, places were distributed as follows:

I place (210 points)  teams were divided :

– S-20-2 (captain – ISA Timur)

– ND -20-1 (captain – Zhadilbek Arslan);

II place– GPR-20-1(200 points) – (captain – Zhagyparova Khadisha);

III place – TT – 20-1 (170 points) – (captain Madiyar Beysenbinov).

The winners were awarded with certificates.

The total number of students involved in the event is 100.