Congratulations to the colleagues of the NTM Department on the holiday of Nauryz meirama

Congratulations to the Department of NTM on the holiday Nauryz. We wish you health, happiness, and success in your work.

On the day of arrival, the update symbol. March 22 according to the calendar of the ancient people believes that the arrival of the new year. Due to the fact that spring came on a night with the Sun, it is considered a new day and according to the Persian calendar, Nauryz was celebrated. This holiday has been celebrated among the Turkic peoples for five thousand years. Including: Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, China, India, Afghanistan, Iran, Trkiya, and Kazakhstan.

This is a holiday that has traditionally become history. Nauryz meirami is one of the Turkic peoples, in one of the twenty, one of the twenty ekisinde note, 21-23 years the country will celebrate three days. However, there are also Nations that will celebrate thirteen days in a row. And each of them will celebrate according to the traditions and customs of life.

The arrival of Nauryz is an update. Kazakh people have been celebrating Nauryz since ancient times. It is necessary to completely renew the holiday, which has become a symbol of joy and goodness, happiness and prosperity, abundance and breadth. On this day, the population is preparing as much as possible. During the meeting, issues related to the implementation of the business Roadmap 2020 program were discussed, in particular, within the framework of the business Roadmap 2020 program. Support, assistance and support for people in need will be as broad as possible. A large dastarkhan was laid in the house, which will be sufficient and rich next year. In this regard, “Nauryz kozhe”will be baked as the main symbol of the Nauryz-meirama holiday. It is made from 7 different items. The 7 different substances that will be added to the national dish means that first, 7 weeks. In addition, seven numbers have been considered a sacred number since antiquity. Other Nations have a kitchen of 7 items. For example, in Uzbekistan sumalak, Tajikistan prepare 7 different dishes starting with the letter “C”, and in Azerbaijan light a fire and jump 7 times.

Another fact about Nauryz meirama. A charming image will be celebrated until March 22. From the people’s Aman Esen winter, relatives, birth, you, older people older, in the neighboring-notes kolendi invited to visit. On this day, everyone forgets their grievances and forgives each other. This is called “Amal”. The people will work for the coming year. Thus, before the start of the new year, the population will completely ask for well-being and spend leisure time. The meeting starts on March 14 and continues until the end of the year. Relatives who for some reason could not see, if possible, come to you at the right time. At present, this custom has been preserved by the population of Mangistau and Atyrau regions.