In the middle of 19.02.2020, the final round of the city student League in Futsal was held in the sports complex” Ansar”

The team of Karstu met against the team of MUK (medical University of Karaganda).

The score in the match is 3: 4 in favor of the team.

At the end of the tournament, the teams were arranged as follows:

  1. MUK
  2. KARGU
  4. KEUK
  5. Bolashak
  6. CA MVD

In this tournament, he attracted a team of many first-year students to view the nearest reserve.

In these times, there is a systematic preparation for the main tournament of this year: the XIV regional Spartakiad of student youth for the prizes of the Akim of the Karaganda region. The transfer will take place from 2.03 to 5.03.2020 in the Karsu sports complex.

Players who participated in the city student League, season 2019 / 2020g:


Marat Temirlan, fit-18-2

Daku Adil, fit-18-2

Ibraev Islam, P-19-2

Telcan Gaziz, GD-19-5

Field player:

Nursultan Zhusupov, CM-19-2

Sakata the sabyrzhan, BJD-17-1

Rasul Likenov LP-7-1

The Satbayev Alisher, ST-16-1

Muratuly Abzal, PSK-18-1

Ibraev Temirlan, fit-18-2

Zhanarbek Adilet, TT-19-1

Kurmanov Tokhtar, GPR-19-1

Zhaksylykov Erzhan, CAF-19-4

Kurmanalin Alisher, CAF-19-4

Nurkenov Melnik, GDR-19-3

Coach of the University: Okasov Yerlan Asylbekovich.