Presentation Competition ““Foreign experience in the fighting corruption“

On February 14th, 2020 in room 536 of the 1st building at 11.00

a Socially Educational Event in English,

Presentation Competition “Foreign experience in the fighting corruption“

 among freshmen was held by Foreign Languages Department


The main goal is the formation of an active civic position of a competitive specialist.

The Socially Educational event will be held as implementation of the “Rukhani Zhagyru” program.

The Responsible for the event are Head of the Department, Associate Professor, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences Jantasova Damira Dulatovna, responsible for the Socially Educational work of the department Isotova A.S., as well as Senior teachers of the department  Babzhanova R.Zh., Kubeyeva M.M.

Corruption is a significant problem for the economic and political development of any country.

1st year students (ABF, FIT, FEEM, FEAT, MF) performed presentations on the topic of the event «Anti-corruption methods in Netherlands», «Fight against corruption in Sweden», «Fighting corruption in New Zealand», «Anti-corruption methods in Switzerland», «Against corruption in Hong Kong», «Anti-corruption methods in Netherlands, Singapore, New Zealand, The Dominican Republic, in Brazil»   in English, the audience participated in the quiz, answering the questions of the hostess.

The jury members were: Senior teachers of the FL Department: Babzhanova R.Zh., Tentekbayeva Zh.M., Nurpeisova D.L.

Completion rate is acquisition of new humanitarian knowledge, increased knowledge of a foreign language, the formation of an active civic position of students

70 first year students participated. 

All participants of the competition were awarded with certificates.

The winners were

  1. Esenbaeva Tolkynay GPR 19-1 (senior teacher Isotova A.S.)
  2. Bulatova Leyla BT-19-2 (teacher Alken S.H.)
  3. Andasov Malik GD 19-3 (senior teacher Izotova A.S.)

In the nomination for the Best speaking performance was Dzhumabaeva Karina IS 19-1 (Senior teacher Kubeyeva M.M.), Toleuova Ainur GPR 19-1 (Senior teacher  Izotova A.S.)

And for the most creative presentation Akhmetzhan Aibolat AiU-19-2 (teacher Alken S.H.)