On 21.01.2020, the Presidential all-around competition was held in the sports complex of Karstu among the staff and employees of Karstu in the framework of the “Cheerfulness and health 2020” competition

48 people took part in the competition. The seats were distributed as follows:

1st place-FIEM;

2 – Kazmiir;

3rd place-ASF;

4th place-MF;

5th place-GF;

6th place-fit;

7th place-TDF;

8th place – FEAT.

Personal seats (men):

1st place – Eleusizov A. E. FIEM;

2nd place – Shaidullin V. N. FIM;

3rd place-Esenbaev S. K. fit.

Personal places (women):

1st place-Kuatova G. A. FIEM;

2nd place-Pestrikova A. B. MF;

3rd place – Badin V. O. Kazmiir.