About manufacturing practices at
JSC “Minsk Tractor Plant” (Belarus)

From 03 June to 5 July 2014, students Mechanical Engineering Faculty specialty 5B071200 – Mechanical Engineering and 5B070900 – Metallurgy led by senior lecturer TM Imasheva K.I. were on a field trip to the “Minsk Tractor Plant” (Belarus). Upon arrival at the plant were provided to each student jobs in mechanical, steel, thermal and blacksmith shops. During the internship, students have shown themselves disciplined, hardworking and punctual. In his spare time, the students explore the city of Minsk. July 3 Belarus celebrates Independence Day and this year that day coincided with the auspicious occasion of 70 years of the liberation of Belarus from Nazi invaders, in honor of this holiday plant management gave our students the opportunity to visit the Brest Fortress, and the hero-city of Brest.
For the highest level of training and educating students for fruitful cooperation with the plant rector and head of departments were declared a gratitude on behalf of the factory and shops. The plant’s management presented souvenirs and thank you letters to the head of practice Imasheva KI and all students.