For the hour 13:10 on Thursday, November 21, 2019 in the room 404 main building is announced the event “CyberTrainer – school changing school”

For the hour 13:10 on Thursday, November 21, 2019 in the room 404 main building, for about 45 minutes the Department of Foreign Languages is announced the event

“CyberTrainer – school changing school”


Through this unique event, is launched at Karaganda Technical University the first Professional cybernetic service for deep and extended learning installed at

The event has as guest the author of the service, Prof. Dorin Isoc, president of the Group for University Reform and Alternative (GRAUR) in Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

All teachers, professors, PhD students are invited to take part in this event.

The lecturer will answer competently questions such as

If CyberTrainer can be learned in less than 59 minutes.

If by using CyberTrainer automatically checks and scores all students in the workgroup after each training session.

If by using CyberTrainer allows the use of any language in which a text can be written.

If CyberTrainer can be applied to any university discipline.

If by using CyberTrainer are eliminated absences and inactivity.

If CyberTrainer allows work and remote, in places other than the classroom.

If by using CyberTrainer eliminates plagiarism from school activities.

If by using CyberTrainer is running and can be used right now.

If by using CyberTrainer removes the theft, skipping school or cheating.

If CyberTrainer allows free of charge access of teachers who want to learn how to use it.
The lecturer cannot or does not know how to answer questions such as

If possible, all students’ scores in a group are maximum.

If possible, all students who do not learn, will get high marks.

If it is possible to learn by ear, without writing anything.

If possible, take the maximum note if you know outside the lesson