1st of May – Day of People’s Unity of Kazakhstan

Celebration of People’s Unity – a national holiday in Kazakhstan , which is celebrated annually on May 1.

Celebrated the feast began in 1996. October 18, 1995 President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev signed a decree declaring May 1st Day of People’s Unity , thereby canceling the celebration of Labor Day .

According to the political leaders of Kazakhstan , the preservation of interethnic and interreligious harmony is one of the main priorities of their policies .

In early May, Kazakhstan celebrates one of the most gracious and bright holiday – the Day of Unity of Peoples of Kazakhstan. It is a celebration of friendship, understanding and agreement that are so necessary for a peaceful life in the country, where more than 150 nations and nationalities. In a large family composed of Kazakhstan Kazakh, Uzbek , Russian , Ukrainians, Germans , Koreans , Uighurs , Kirghiz , Chinese, Jews, Armenians , Georgians, and many others . Each of these people is unique, but together they are in Kazakhstan – one united people . And in this sense the May Day holiday.