On September, 17 in the Karaganda state technical university, passed meeting on a theme “Young people and religion” with a managing department in matters of young people at the spiritual management of moslems of Kazakhstan of Altynbek Utysxanuly and responsible department in matters of young people of mosque of the Karaganda area of Uakasov Madiyar Meirzhanuly.

In an event took part about 270 students of faculty of engineer of the first course of specialities “Electroenergy”, “Тhermalenergy”, “Organization of transportations”, “Transport technologies”.

Religious questions sharply interesting modern youth got in foreshortening of consideration. However to get in the traps placed by the representatives of pseudoreligious flows? How to be orientated in the variety of web-sites of religious orientation? How is it correct to interpret of Dzhihad, Fikh and Akida? On these and many other questions gave the unfolded answers spiritual figures.

A speaker affected the themes of philanthropy and suicide. Disserted upon what a good and bad man is, from where pride appears and how her to win over. Considered the role of religions in history of science. Remembered that many prominent Arabic scientists were believing. As is generally known, Al-Biruni, Horezmi, Ibn-Sina became the founders of such sciences, as mathematics, medicine, astronomy.

– To study in educational establishment, absorb knowledge is the family religion, – Altynbek Utyshanuly talks. – Man knows the most High through cognition itself, wider public, science world.

Meeting passed in the interactive mode. After the performance of guests students had the opportunity to set interesting questions and get exhaustive answers.

– Organization of the similar meeting considerably promotes the level of being informed of young people in the questions of religion, – a vice-chairman on spiritually-moral education of KSTU , senior teacher on the religious studies of Zharkyn Tusupbekov considers.

On October, 5 with the students of the Karaganda technical university conducted meeting on a theme “Legislation of Republic of Kazakhstan in the field of adjusting of questions of religion”.

– According to President, the world and consent “in our multinational house are this most important property of Kazakhstan”, – began a lecture senior teacher of department of socially-humanitarian disciplines of M.Kozhuhova. – For maintenance of unity of people the new law of Republic of Kazakhstan was signed “On religious activity and religious associations”.

The right and duties religious associations are clearly expounded in a law, the role of the state in strengthening of between religions tolerance of Kazakhstan society marks. A republic of Kazakhstan is the democratic, society state, respecting an every human right on freedom of persuasions, equality of rights of citizens guarantees regardless of their religion, acknowledges the cultural and historical value of religions combining spiritual heritage of people of Kazakhstan, and importance of interconfessional consent, religious tolerance and respect of religious persuasions of citizens.

Developing a theme, before an audience the responsible came forward in matters of young people of the Karaganda regional mosque M.Uakasov. A speaker told about bases of moslem jurisprudence and told about that, how a sheriat is interpreted for the representatives of pseudoreligious flows. A spiritual figure lighted up the list of stray scientists and preachers, seeing the names of that in a book, to the article or on a web-site, it is better to restrain from their viewing and reading.

-We are All brothers, – a vice-chairman reminded about one of main positions of monotheistic religion on spiritually-moral education of KSTU Zharkyn Tusupov upon completion of meeting.

07.10.2015 in room №207 1 corps in the groups of MB- 15-4, MB- 15-5, G&K- 15-3, ThE- 15-2, ThE- 15-2 by Senior teacher of department SGD Ushakova К.В. and Tusupbekov Zh.А. meeting with participation the naib imam of mosque of Kazhy Serkebaev Kairat passed on a theme: the “Destructive religious flows and their influence on young people”.

on October, 8 with students resident in the dormitory of КарГТУ №1, there was an employee of КГУ “Center of study and analysis of problems of interconfessional relations of the Karaganda area of Management in matters of religions of the Karaganda area” of Erzhan Bederov. During a visit a guest affected the theme of influence of religion on modern youth.

– Large attention we spare to the prophylaxis of religious extremism among young people, – Erzhan Bederov began.

Continuing speech, a speaker appealed to history of islam :

– According to collection of hadises of imam of al-Buhari, in a month Ramadan in 610 year, when to the prophet Muhammad was 40 ago, during solitude in the cave of Hira to him there was an angel Dzhabrail and dictated to him first five ayats of Koran. This (610 year) year can be considered the year of origin of islam. By the end of life of Muhammad the islamic theocratic state occupying all Arabian peninsula – Arabic caliphate appeared.

Further Erzhan Bederov was stopped for negative influence of pseudoreligious tendencies on young people. According to him, the most personal touch of destructive religious flows is aggressive, totalitarian style of their activity. In the placed traps young people that for short time sharply changes the way of life and behavior get mainly: abandons studies, work, quite often leaves from family, hostilely behaves to the parents, loses former interests, fully giving oneself up to solitary sectarian life. There is a striking change of personality toward asceticism, submerged in the world reserved, illusive, isolated from surrounding reality .

In conclusion a guest gave determination of хадиса and enumerated the types of hadises. Hadis is this biography of Prophet of Muhammad, his acts and expressions.

– to grasp the meaning ayats of sacred Koran, it is necessary to have large luggage of knowledge. Unfortunately, often young people, not realizing sense of ayats and hadises, are mistaken et al pulls at itself, – Erzhan Bederov established.

01.10.2015 in 15.00 in 207 audiences, meeting took place with students and with participation responsible in matters of young people of the Karaganda regional mosque Uakasov M.M. on a theme: the “Destructive religious flows and their influence on young people”.

29.10.15 Was conducted round of SNK “Balausa” table with students 1,2 course on a theme “Problem of patriotic education” . Aim of event is to explain to the students what role is played by patriotic education in Republic of Kazakhstan. State can not exist without patriotic education.Responsible teacher Alzhanova G.B.Students came forward with lectures.

23.10.15.Был conducted round of SNK “Balausa” table with students 1,2 course on a theme the “Internet and his influence on modern youth” . Aim of event to the explain to the students what role is played by the internet.There were the considered negative and positive moments of influence of the Internet on people.Responsible teacher Alzhanova G.B.Students came forward with lectures.

Olympiads on knowledge of bases of Constitution and state symbols of Republic of Kazakhstan.

For propaganda and popularization among the young people of symbols of the state – Coat of arms, Flag, Hymn of Republic of Kazakhstan, education of sense of pride and respect to the state symbols, increase of legal literacy of young people, attaching of student young people to the values of legal culture, conditioning for intellectual and creative development of young people, forming among the young people of sense of patriotism and active civil position of October, 30, 2015, 9.30 in a поточной audience №1 Olympiad took place on knowledge of bases of Constitution and state symbol republic of Kazakhstan among student higher educational establishment, serviceman military part Karaganda state, organized committee in matters of young people together with faculty of law.

An olympiad was conducted in 3 stages:

a 1 turn is Creative examination (writing of relay essay);

2 a turn is Testing on knowledge of Constitution РК, Law of РК “On the state symbols of РК”, “Strategy of “Kazakhstan – 2050”

3 a turn is Competition of captains (presentation of placard)

From our Institution of higher learning a command “Diamond sword” took part Bayanov Erzhan

Imakaev Aidar,Kabyken Aizada , leader senior teacher SGD Musaeva Zh.T.

on December, 9 a 2015 g a competition “The Best counsel-2015” was conducted in an university . From a faculty took part counsel of group Аrh- 13-1, senior teacher of department SGD Musaeva Zh.T.

8 апреля 2015

08.02.17 By the department of socially-humanitarian disciplines meeting round of scientifically-expert group ANK table was conducted to the Karaganda area, sanctified to Day of gratitude “One people are one country – one fate”. On meeting were invited leader of scientifically-expert group ANK to the Karaganda area, d.м.s., professor, pro-rector on educational and educator work of КSMU Molotov – Luchanskii V.B., leader of department of the anticorruption inlightening and co-operating with public of department of Agency RK in matters of government service and to counteraction of corruption on the Karaganda area Smagulov D.N., a head receptionist regional ANK Kusain E.B., chairman of public advice of center “Хэссэд-Мириам” d.т.s., professor, by the department of APP KSTU Breido I.V., Director of Institute of Confucius Tursinbai D.., chairman of etnoculture associations “Wars” of Zhanaev U.H., the leader of association “Казачья вольница” of Rakov S.B., leader of uigur etnocultural center Dzhalilov K.Sh.

Calling to the participants round table, associate professor of department of socially-humanitarian disciplines of KSTU, candidate of philosophical sciences N.Kazbekov told about meaningfulness of celebration of Day of Gratitude underlined: “President of Republic of Kazakhstan N.Nazarbaev on ХХІІ of session ANK reminded that in different years to Kazakhstan were transmigrated and deported whole people. A country’s leader offered the day of education ANK, on March, 1, annually to mark, as Day of gratitude of all ethnoss to each other and Kazakhs, showing mercy and accepting these people, as native”.

He marked also, that the state, as is generally known, is not only single territory, but yet and community of people resident on this territory, and level of their spirituality. Therefore, our main task are questions of forming of national idea of “Eternal nation”, Kazakhstan patriotism. In maintenance and development of national values an important role is played by Assembly of people of Kazakhstan. What be more, for years functioning ANK became the important institute of realization of public policy, uniting the representatives of all ethnoss inhabiting our country. About activity of regional Assembly and scientifically-expert group V.Molotov-Luchanskii continued is a leader of scientifically-expert group ANK to the Karaganda area, pro-rector on educator and study-methodical work of KSMU: “Strengthening unity of all Kazakhstan people, assisting a revival, maintenance and development of national cultures, languages and traditions of all ethnic groups, Assembly renders assistance to state”.

Also he told about the plans of work of scientifically-expert group regional АNK on 2016. Basic events of NEG regional ANK will be conducted under the aegis the 25 year of Independence of Republic of Kazakhstan. In this connection, students are no less interested in participating in similar events and show enormous initiative in strengthening of international relations, supporting the patriotic initiatives realized under the aegis Assembly of people of Kazakhstan the same.

On meeting representative of Agency Republic of Kazakhstan came forward in matters of government service and to counteraction of corruption on the Karaganda area – D.Smagulov. In the speech Didar Nurkenuly was stopped for the conduced joint work with etnocultural associations and members ANK: it would be “Desirable to mark that Assembly of people of Kazakhstan is a dialogue ground. The enormous amount of economic, political and social tasks decides here. In addition, Assembly serves as a platform and instrument for realization of initiatives of President of Republic of Kazakhstan N.Nazarbaev”, – he added.

About of home policy stability the Head receptionist told regional АNK – Е.Kusain, about charity of the Karaganda branch republican Jewish eleemosynary ОО “Center caring – Хэсэд of Pauline” was informed by the chairman of public advice of center I.Breido, the director of establishment shared about activity of Institute of Confucius – D.Tursynbai.

On results meeting resolution round table was mine-out, where joint work is certain with educational establishments:

– to organize work with young people on forming of the morally-valued options in development of Kazakhstan patriotism;

– to bring up young people in a spirit tolerance and attaching to the achievements of world and home culture;

– to develop multicultural education and cross-cultural communication;

– to give to the student young people dialogue grounds for realization of youth festivals and increase of role of young people in the construction of prosperous society.





11.04.2017 y. teacher of department SGD Adylhanova S.E. gived a master class of curator hour Arh-14-1,2 topic”Basenov T.K. founder of kazakh architectural school”



18 may 2017 at the Youth Palace “Zhastar Alemi” was held forum “Day of Turkic writing dedicated 1370 anniversary Tonykok”.The organisation of the festival was done by the international Public Foundation “Legacy of nomadic civilization” together with the teachers of department Chair of Social and Humanities Djalilov K.Sh., Jetpisbaev A.O., Tusupbekov J.A. Karaganda state technical University.On the forum, the guests were given information about the origin and characteristics of the Turkic use of unique graphics, about the traditions, culture and life of the great nomadic civilization.

The forum program was designed for a wide audience and included:

– scientific-practical conference, which brought together historians, scholars, students;

– speech of the representatives of the cultural centers of peoples of Kazakhstan of Karaganda;

– master class (teaching calligraphy) in Turkic runic writing;

– a feature film about the Turkic era; theatrical production;

— performance of ethnic and cultural ensembles of Karaganda; an exhibition of needlewomen of the city.


November 10, 2017 at Karagandy State University of Technology, the College of Innovative Technologies of the KSTU, a round table on the role of education in the formation of immunity against religious extremism, in which students and educators took part.

During the roundtable, the participants were shown video about the banned religious minorities in Kazakhstan. Members of the Nur Otanbayeva Abishevich Nazarbayeva, a member of the Nazarbayev University, has been supporting the twin and national minorities in Kazakhstan.


17.11.2017 In the Karaganda State Technical University, a round table on “Religious Extremism and Terrorism” with the College of Innovative Technologies of KSTU “Preventing Religious Extremism and Terrorism in the Young Generation”. In a round table, students were invited to attend classes and lecturers.

Kojheyev Bojan Erbolatovich, Inspector for the role of the inspector in the Karaganda region.

The workshop participants talked about the work of the telephone 32-50-50 by the methodical textbook, describing the film “The Internet Verbovka”, “Аlien war”, “Workers of Destructive Cultures”, “Salafisms in Kazakhstan?”

Members of the Nur Otіltana Abishevich Nazarbayeva saw a global socialization in more than 140 nationalities in Kazakhstan.