On April 19, 2019, the results of the Video Competition among first-year students of groups with the state language of instruction, organized under the supervision of the head of the department Russian Language and Speech Culture Ospanova B.R.


The following topics were provided to students:

  • “Youth health is a strategic resource for the future”;
  • “Sport is the vital need of Kazakhstani youth”;
  • “Family – youth interrogation. Shanyrak – the support of a young family “;
  • “Corruption is an unacceptable factor in a university environment.”

Competition objectives:

– the formation of the right attitude to healthy lifestyles and sports;

– instilling respect for family values ​​and traditions;

– fostering intolerance to manifestations of corruption.

Only 15 works were submitted for the competition. The coverage of students involved in the preparation, filming, editing, voice acting, as well as in the role of “actors” was 150-160 people.

Videos were rated by the following criteria:

  1. The originality of the video (100% authorship);
  2. Completeness of the disclosure of the topic;
  3. Mandatory voicing by the participants of the video;
  4. The number of participants;
  5. Video quality;
  6. Compliance with the rules (from 3 to 6 minutes).

According to these criteria, the video clip of the group Ki-18-1 (head – senior lecturer Akynzhanova A.A.) on the topic “Sport is a vital need of Kazakhstani youth” was recognized and awarded the best place.

2nd place was awarded to the group AiU-18-3 (head – senior teacher Kasenova N.A.), the theme of the video – “Youth Health – a strategic resource of the future.”

3rd place was decided to award at once two groups:

ND-18-2 group (the head is the senior lecturer Timokhina T.V.), the topic “Family – Youth Surveys. Shanyrak – the support of a young family “;

group TT-18-2 (head – teacher Tazhibaeva SM), the topic “Sport is a vital need of Kazakhstani youth”

Responsible for the Department of Education of the RJaK department, senior lecturer Tungushbaeva B.K.