Dolgan Konstantin

From USA with love

My name is Konstantin Dolgan. I am a graduate of Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees of Karaganda State Technical University. In 2008 I got bachelor’s degree in machine building. In the same year entered into MS’c postgraduate in mining machinery and equipment.

In November 2010 I went to training to Louisiana Technical University, USA, Louisiana. This university is a university of third level, out of 5 levels. 1st level – Harvard University, Cambridge, 2nd – MIT. Number of students is about 14,000. The advanced direction is an engineering (mechanics, biomedicine, nanotechnologies). During the training I met many teachers and students working in similar fields that I do. I had a tour around many laboratories and academic buildings. I also attended several lectures and participated in laboratory studies. All the teachers and administrative staff were very friendly and were interested in our university, country and culture as a whole, despite the fact that very few knew about it. After talking to the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, I was invited to come again after the graduation to continue my education as a doctoral student. At first I was not planning to enter the PhD, but later realized that this would be the best solution for the future.

In order to enter I had to go through a lot of paperwork, as well as pass a language test TOEFL and obtain a visa at the U.S. Embassy. Since I have been studying English since childhood, I was prepared for the TOEFL just in 1 month. The test was quite difficult, and I got a little more than the minimum required. Typically, for admission to MS’c and PhD postgraduate GRE test is required, but I was released from it, because university already knew me and were confident in my knowledge. In this case I was very lucky because this test usually requires a long time of preparation.

Educational process is very different from Kazakhstan. First, there is no prescribed timetable, and the student with the supervisor of studies selects lessons of each term. Second, there is no student groups like in KSTU and on every subject you have different groupmates. Registration for the lessons passes through the information system of the University. Duration of lessons ranged from 1 hour 15 minutes to 3 hours and 40 minutes. There are requirements for the progress in studies. For example, for all the training you can get “C” only on 2 subjects and the current GPA must not fall below 3.0. In case of non compliance with these requirements the student will be deducted automatically by the system.

The hardest in life of the USA – is the lack of friends and family. In spite of the fact that some Americans and many foreign students here are enough interesting people with similar vital positions, all the same it`s very difficult to find here the real friends or your sweetheart, therefore I would advise to go here not one.

In the rest, here are a lot of interesting and positive. The best occupation in the USA – are journeys. Here are a lot of wonderful and unusual seats. And in every, even in the smallest town it`s possible to find some seats and something unique. Americans save and support their nature, culture and history very much, therefore it`s unique place for tourism.

To everybody who would like to study in the USA I can say surely that, it`s one of the best countries for be educated. Americans refer to this very seriously and after graduation of the University you will be specialist without any doubts in your sphere! Also this country treats to foreigners by the best way. After graduation unlimited perspectives and possibilities of work in any country will be opened. So learn English and come to the USA!