The unity of languages is the basis of solidarity of all citizens of Kazakhstan

On September 18th , 2019 at 11.00 in the Youth Palace "Zhastar Alemi"
a Festive event
“The unity of languages is the basis of solidarity of all citizens of
Kazakhstan“ was held, it was dedicated to
"The Day of Languages of Kazakhstan Republic"
by the department of "Foreign Languages" under the leadership of the
head of the Department, Associate Professor, Candidate of Pedagogical
Sciences Jantasova Damira Dulatovna, responsible for the Socially
Educational work of the department A.S. Isotova, as well as teachers of the
department A. S. Atkenova, A.U. Botaeva, A.E. Keldibaeva

The festive event was based on “Ruhani Zhangyru”  program implementation: 7 facets of the Great Steppe.

The principle of intercultural communication and focus on the practical application of knowledge were maintained.

The policy of our state is aimed at strengthening the equal rights of the peoples of Kazakhstan, regardless of their ethnicity. The principles of the state language policy are defined in the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan, in the laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On education” and “On languages ​​in the Republic of Kazakhstan”. According to the current legislation, every citizen of the Republic of Kazakhstan has the right to use his native language, to freely choose the language of communication, education, training and creativity.

Day of Languages ​​is a sign of friendship, kinship and unity of all citizens of the country. Friendship of peoples, mutual understanding and cooperation is the base of the construction of new Kazakhstan.

The peculiarity was that the event was held in 3 languages ​​- Kazakh, Russian and English.

All participants of the event were awarded with certificates.

First and second year students performed songs in different languages, played musical instruments, and also an exciting competition was held with the audience.

Purpose is instilling interest in the study of state and foreign languages, the formation of patriotism through the study of the cultural heritage of the people, the identification and development of students’ creative abilities.


  1. To form a desire to master Kazakh, Russian and foreign languages.
  2. To arise an interest in studying traditions and customs of the peoples inhabiting the territory of Kazakhstan.
  3. To cultivate respect for different languages ​​and a desire to learn, to know languages.

80 students of the 1st and 2d courses have participated.

The Participants: Kali Gauhartas ( СИБ 19-3), Sakey Aizhan (ГПР 19-1), Sarbaev Dalelhan (МАШ 19-2), Erakhmet Gulsheker (БT 18-3), Mukhtarov Madiyar (OП 19-1), Armyа Aishuak ( ГПР 19-1), Akbergenova Rosa ( ГПР 19-1), Mahmed Aherke (СИБ 19-3), Kulpeisova Aruzhan (ГПР 19-1), Stenger Valeria (УиА 18-6), Zhakipbaev Almas (УиА 18-6).

Achieved Results: preservation of the national identity of students, increase in the number of student-winners of creative competitions, development of tolerance to other cultures and languages