Celebration of the 350th anniversary of Kazybek bi was held in Karaganda region

18 August, the festive events devoted to the 350th anniversary of the great son of Kazakh steppes, an influential man of his era — Kaz dauysty Kazybek bi were held in the village Egindibulak.

The festive event was attended by about 10 thousand people – honorary guests, representatives of almost all regions of our country, all regions, cities of our region. More than 100 yurts were set.

KSTU, like other universities in the region, has put its festive VIP tent, which was attended by honored guests members of the clergy, ethno-cultural associations, creative intelligentsia, media and treated many guests with national dishes and sweets.

The ceremony of laying flowers to the monument of the great biy, a theatrical staging was held in accordance with the programme of celebrations. Various national games, songs, dances pleased the guests as well. And, of course, it did not go without baiga. Valuable prizes were played among the participants.

Kazybek bi is an iconic figure for KSTU – his monument is installed in front of the main building of our University in Karaganda.