руководитель центра проф. работы


Position Director Career Guidance Center of KSTU
Date of birth — 07.07.1969 year. Nationality – Kazakh. Has daughter born in 2004.
High education — E.A. Buketov Karaganda State University, Faculty of Biology, Department of Anatomy and Physiology of humans and animals, major — teacher of Biology and Chemistry, secondary education — Karaganda Medical School, major — care medical assistant/assistant medical officer, total work experience — 28 years (teaching experience 16 years).
Teacher of the highest qualification category.
Professional experience:
1994 – senior laboratory assistant of Microbiology Deaprtment, Karaganda Medical Academy;
1995-1999 – engineer-laboratory assistant of heat and water supply hydraulic structures enterprises of Zhezkazgan;
1997-1999 – engineer of laboratories: “Finished dosage forms”, “Biotechnology of medicinal plants” of Phytochemistry Institute MES RK;
1999 – 2000 – teacher of valeology at school №36, Karaganda;
2001-2002- social teacher at school №8, Karaganda;
2002-2008 – methodologist of the Personnel Department of the Regional Institute of Advanced training and retraining of state employees and educators of Akim of the region;
2002 – methodist of Regional Institute of Advanced training and retraining of state employees and educators of Akim of the region;
2006 – Scientific and methodical center of the Regional Institute of Advanced training and retraining of state employees and educators of Akim of the region — methodist of the Department of socialization /educational department/.
2007 – 2008- methodist of Training Process Organization and Management Center
2008 – 2015- head of Department of the Medical College of Karaganda State Medical University, lecturer of Medical biology, Genetics, Parasitology, Basics of Entomology, Molecular biology, Valeology, Self-knowledge;
teacher of subjects: biology and self-knowledge.
2016 – specialist of Educational – Methodical Department of KSTU.
Made and tested work programs on the training courses on the biology and problem courses: Biology “Modern approaches to the teaching biology” on theme “Health saving technologies”.
Passed courses of qualification improvement of biologists, teachers of the discipline “Self-knowledge” and management, scientific-pedagogical personnel of the education system “Management of educational system at school based on the conceptual ideas of the new philosophy of education at Republican Institute in Almaty and in the branch of “CRK “Orleu” JSC, Karaganda State Medical Academy majoring in “Healthcare Management”.
Has certificates for psychologists, valeologists and social workers: Public Foundation “Insight”, “Prevention of HIV/AIDS/STIs and drug abuse in the education system”;
Has publications in articles of Republican scientific-practical conference “Innovative technologies in medical education”, in the articles of the Republican scientific-practical conference “Activity of sanitary-epidemiological service and modern problems of protection of population health”.
She is the author of the textbook “Healthy lifestyle” and collection of materials for the course “Self-knowledge” for pupils of vocational colleges.
Included in the encyclopedia “Best people of Kazakhstan”, awarded a diploma of the rector of KSMU for active participation in the open regional competition on the subject “Biology”, gratitude of the rector’s office of KSMU for an active part in the evening dedicated to the 65th anniversary in the great Patriotic war, for a conscientious and responsible attitude to the duties in connection with celebration of Independence Day of RK, awarded a diploma of the Head of Education Department of Karaganda region – for the enormous contribution to education, creative approach to the profession and nurturing young professionals, the diploma of the Trade Union of education workers of the Oktyabrsky district of Karaganda for the contribution to the education of the younger generation in celebration of International Women’s Day on 8 March , gratitude for organizing and conducting the Internet-Olympiad among students of 11 grades of Karaganda city and Karaganda region.