On October 14th, 2019 Competition “Festival of languages: knowledge and professional skills, as key landmarks of modern Kazakhstan” was held

On October 14th , 2019 at 15.00 in room 613of the 1st building of KSTU 

a Socially-Educational event

Competition “Festival of languages:  knowledge and professional skills, as key landmarks of modern Kazakhstan”

was held by the Department of “Foreign Languages” under the leadership of the head of the Department, Associate Professor, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences Jantasova Damira Dulatovna,

responsible for the Socially-Educational work of the department A.S. Isotova, as well as teachers of the department A.U. Botaeva, E.A. Zhdanova, K.K.Sagadieva, Zh.M.Tentekbayeva. 

The event was based on “Ruhani Zhangyru”  program implementation: 7 facets of the Great Steppe.

The main goal is the formation of intercultural competence of future specialists, an active citizenship

The program “Rukhani Zhagyru” is focused on the revival of spiritual values ​​of Kazakhstan people, taking into account all modern risks and challenges of globalization, the importance of modernizing public consciousness, developing competitiveness, pragmatism, maintaining national identity, popularizing the cult of knowledge and openness of citizens’ consciousness. These qualities should become the main guidelines of the modern Kazakhstani.

Completion rate is an acquisition of new humanitarian knowledge, increased knowledge of foreign and native languages.

80 students of the 1st and 2d courses have participated.

The peculiarity was that the event was held in 3 languages ​​- Kazakh, Russian and English.

The members of the jury were the teachers of the FL department: Nesipbaeva N.E., Zhdanova E.A., Sagadiyeva K.K.

After the draw, participants of 4 teams were determined.

Students actively and with great interest answered questions, showing their erudition and knowledge of 3 languages.

While the jury calculated the points and selected the winners, first-year students Azat Zangar (VSU 19-1) and Isabaeva Erkezhan (CAF 19-1) performed in front of the audience and participants with a song in Kazakh.

Winners of the competition:

1st place:

Kurmanov Toktar (GPR 19-1), Sakey Aizhan (GPR 19-1), Eginbai Birzhan (GPR 19-1), Imankalova Nazerke (CAF 19-2)

2nd place:

Assan Zhanibekova (BT 18-4), Elena Bekeneva (BT 18-4), Tolkynay Esenbaeva (GPR 19-1), Kali Yerzhan (GPR 19-1)

3rd place:

Akbergenova Rosa (GPR 19-1), Seitmukhanov Bauyrzhan (CAF 19-2), Fomin Artemy (BT18-4), Gazieva Anel (CAF 19-2)

All participants of the event were awarded with certificates.