Structure of the University

The profound changes taking place in our society and the education system, determined the need for a systemic approach to management of multi-functional training and educational, scientific and production complex, which is a modern technical university.

Infrastructure of the university was reorganized. A network of structural units was created, allowing the organization to ensure qualitative organization of educational and scientific process while maintaining the operational management of the university as a whole.


  • Governing Body
  • Academic Board
  • Academic secretary
  • Headquarter of CV and E
  • Accounting Department
  • Department of public procurement and supply
  • Personnel management department

–     Group on military-mobilization work

  • Administrative office
  • Аrchive
  • Public Disciplinary Commission
  • Trade-union committee
  • «Zhas Orda» association of students and youth organization


First Rector

  • Scientific-technical board
  • Department of Science

–     Department of SRW

–     Department of innovations and prospect development

–      «IDMR» Engineering profile testing laboratory

–     RI«Kazakhstan multidisciplinary Institute for reconstruction and development»

–     Departmental scientific-research laboratories

–     Academic-scientific-production centres

–     Youth innovation centre

–     SRI  «New materials»

–     Kazakhstan welding Institute

–      «Politech» technopark

  • REMB Department
  • Marketing and contractual relations centre

–     Marketing and advertisement sector

–     Treaty educational service sector

–     Pre-university training

–     Career guidance sector

  • Sh.Kudayberdiyev “Languages trinity” centre
  • Confucius Institute
  • Admission board


  • Permanent exhibition «Innovations in science and education»

Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs

  • Academic-Methodological Board
  • Acdemic-Methodological department

–     Administration of academic-methodological work

–     Administration of academic process organization

Students’ department

Registration office

–     Administration for the Bologna process development

Management and quality centre

Website development centre

International relations department

  • Post-university education administration
  • РК SRI First President of RK E-learning technologies
  • Innovative scientific-educational centre for professional development
  • Actual methods and teaching technologies centre
  • Print-copy workshops
  • Editorial-publishing department
  • Working profession centre
  • Library

Vice-Rector for Education Affairs

  • Museum
  • Department of youth policy
  • Aksakals’ Board
  • «Zhastar alemi» youth centre
  • SRI of patriotic education
  • Curatorial Board
  • Newspaper  «Politechnicheskie znaniya»
  • Sport club «Politechnic»
  • Health centre

Vice-rector for Administrative work

  • Department of internal development

–     Chief engineer

–     Chief power engineer

–     Engineer on labour protection and safety

–     Garage

–     Dormitories, educational buildings

–     Security service

–     Sport-health camp «Politechnic»

–     Plant and catering



Mining institute

  • «Geology and minerals prospecting» department (G&MP)
  • “Geophysical methods of search and prospection of mineral deposits” department (GMS&PMD)
  • «Mine aerology and labour safety» department (MA&LS)
  • «Industrial ecology and chemistry» department (IE&C)
  • «Mine surveying and geodesy» department (MS&G)
  • «Working out of mineral deposits» department (WOMD)
  • «Mining machines and equipment» department (MM&E)

Institute of Machine Building

  • «Metallurgy, materials science and nanotechnologies» department (ММ&N)
  • «Technologies of machine building» department (ТМ)
  • «Foreign languages» department (FL)
  • «Welding and foundry production» department (WFD)

Institute of computer technologies and systems technique

  • «Computers and software» department (C&SD)
  • «Information systems» department (IS)
  • «Instrument making» department (IM)
  • «Information technologies and security» department (IT&S)
  • «Higher mathematics and mechanics» department (HM&M)

Power Engineering, Communication and Automation Institute

      «Automation of production processes» department (APP)

  • «Technologies of system connection» department(ТSC)
  • «Power Engineering» department
  • «Physics» department

Transport-Road Institute

  • «Automobile transport» department (АТ)
  • «Industrial transport» department (ПТ)
  • «Construction-road machines» department (CRM)
  • «Kazakh language and culture» department

Institute of Architecture and construction

  • «Technologies of construction materials and products» department (TCM&P)
  • «Construction and housing and communal service» department (C&HCS)
  • «History of Kazakhstan» Department(HK)
  • «Social-humanitarian disciplines» department(SHD)
  • «Architecture and design» department (А&D)
  • «Russian language and culture» department (RL&C)

Institute of Economics

  • «Management of enterprise» department (МE)
  • «Economics of enterprise» department (EE)
  • «Organization of production» department (ОP)

Military-technical institute

  • Military department
  • «Physical training» department
  • «Professional education» department (PE)
  • «Initial military training» (IMT)

Correspondence and Distance education Institute

 Structure of the University