On March 12, the qualifying stage of the student league of the largest VII International Case-in Championship was held at the Karaganda State Technical University to solve engineering cases in the field of mining and power engineering

The International Engineering Championship “Case-in” is a large-scale practice-oriented competition in Russia and the CIS countries to solve engineering cases of current engineering problems.

The “Case-in” Championship is a competition consisting of a qualifying stage among undergraduate and master students of higher educational institutions and the final one held in Moscow.

In the framework of the qualifying stage, teams solve engineering cases on topical issues of a real enterprise. The winner of the qualifying rounds is the first team that qualifies to participate in the Championship finals.

The organizer of the championship “Case-in” acts with LLC “Reliable change” (Moscow) with the support of the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation and the largest mining companies in Russia. KSTU takes part in the championship of the sixth year. This year, the regional stage of the competition at the university includes 2 directions (League): Mining (8 teams) and Power engineering (8 teams).

According to the results of the tournament in the Mining League, the following teams took the prizes:

1st place – the team “Peremena”

  • Orynbek E.E. – Master student of the GDM-18-1 group;
  • Zhakupov A.B. – student group DG-16-1;
  • Korkytby A. – student of the group DG-17-1;
  • Scientific consultant of the Peremena team:
  • Isabek T.K. – Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor;

2nd place – team “Bim-technology”––

  • Burak Yu.S. – student of group DG-16-7;
  • Sharafutdinov R.R. – student of group DG-16-7;
  • Mazur-Sotsky K.A. – student of group DG-16-7;
  • Scientific consultant of the Bim-technology team:
  • Dolgonosov V.N. – Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor;

3rd place – the team “Iskopamye”

  • Panferov D.I. – student of group DG-16-9;
  • Nabiev – student of group DG-16-8;
  • Kalinin D. – student of the group DG-16-9;
  • Ikonopistseva E.O. – student of group DG-16-8;
  • Scientific consultant of the Fossil team:
  • Musin R.A. – Senior Lecturer

In the league “Electric Power Industry” prizes were taken by the following teams:

1st place Spectrum team

  • Ovsyannikova D.Yu. – Student of group AiU 17-2;
  • Өmіrғalieva A.Zh. – Student of group AiU 17-2;
  • Pakizadaev B.Қ. – Student of group AiU 17-2;
  • Nurlanova A.N. – Student of group AiU 17-3;
  • Scientific consultant of the Spectrum team
  • Akimbai R.N. – master;

2nd place Team “4 MULA”

  • Amanzholov E.ZH. – student of group AiU-17-1;
  • Suleimenova A.B. – student of group AiU-17-1;
  • Maxmet I.A. – student of group AiU-17-1;
  • Kobylandy A.A. – student of group AiU-17-1;
  • Scientific consultant of the team “4 MULA”
  • Akimbai R.N. – master;

3rd place Team Kenetron

  • Beisenkul ZH.B. – student of EE-16-2 group;
  • Erkinov J.R. – student of EE-16-2 group;
  • Kogabay K.Kh. – student of EE-16-2 group;
  • Tolesh D.N. – student of EE-16-2 group;
  • Scientific consultant of the Kenetron team
  • Balandin V.S. – Senior Lecturer;

In the direction of Power Engineering, the teams that took 1, 2 places go to the semifinal. At the end of May 2019, the winning teams that qualify for the championship final will take part in the final stage of the competition, which will traditionally be held in Moscow. There they will compete for the title of the best engineering student teams and for the opportunity to undergo internships and internships at leading industry companies.