The English Language Olympiad «TED Talks» dedicated to the 60th anniversary of Mechanical engineering faculty

The English Language Olympiad «TED Talks» dedicated to the 60th anniversary of Mechanical engineering faculty of Karaganda State Technical University was held    by the Foreign Language Department on February 11-15. 02. 2019. Olympiad was organized on a high level, where the participants were the first and second year students of all the KSTU specialties.

         The Olympiad is aimed to promote a foreign language among students, instilling interest in the study of the language, its features and structure, interlingual relations, as well as the culture of the country for which the language is international.


The main objectives of the Olympiad are: to promote the level of education, the development of intellectual and creative abilities of students and increase motivation for further mastery of the English language and improvement of all types of speech activity.

 Working language of Olympiad was English. 83 students took part in this event.

The Olympiad consisted of the following tours:

1st tour included listening and reading tasks.  24 students were admitted to 2nd tour. This round consisted of writing an essay (volume – 200 words). Participants were able to write an essay on one of these themes : «As computers are being used more and more in education, there will be soon no role for teachers in the classroom», «Prospects of modern Kazakhstan development in the field of technology», «Many people use distance learning programmes to study at home».

By the result of pre-tour to the 3rd tour were admitted 10 the most skilled students. The 3rd tour were held in the TED Talks form. In the framework of the Olympiad special attention was paid for identifying the level of speech competence, disclosing leadership qualities of young people, and speaking skills in English. Students presented their TED projects (Technology, Entertainment, Design; Technologies, Entertainment, Design).


Members of Jury:       Yerakhtina I.I. – c.p.s., assistant professor, dean of Mechanical engineering faculty, Jantassova D.D. – D.Ph.’s, associate professor, head of the foreign languages department

  1.       Zharkevich  O.M. – c.t.s., associate professor
  2. Lazarenko I.A.  – D.Ph.’s., senior teacher of foreign languages department
  3. Izotova A.S. –, senior teacher of foreign languages department

Winners of the Olympiad:

1st place – Baymukhanov A. (group HSEP-18) supervisor Alken S.Kh.

2nd place – Kayrzat O.(group TME-18-1) supervisor Tentekbayeva Zh.M.

3rd place – Kotlyarov N. (group IT-18-3) supervisor Zhdanova. E.A.


Nomination “The best speaking skills” Madiyar A. (group Arch-17-2) supervisor Alken S.Kh.

Nomination “The best public speaker” Kultanov A. (group A and M -17-2) supervisor Atkenova A.S.

Nomination “The best creative thinker” Amanzhol  A. (group TO-18-1) supervisor Tentekbayeva Zh.M.