11.03.2022 in the Sports Complex, the map of the XVI Sports Games was marked by the solemn opening of student youth of Karaganda region

This year, the map reflects the responsibility for this event.

Representatives of the regional akimat, the regional sports committee, representatives of the University rectorates of the region, the main judges of competitions on sports and postal services were invited at the opening ceremony.

On the basis of the Sports Complex map, within the framework of the XVI Spartakiad, there are competitions in tennis, chess, checkers, weightlifting, togyz-kumalak, volleyball (male), presidential double row.

Work on hair, Sports, asyk ATU took place from 10.03.2022 to 11.03.2022, where our team engaged in the following places:

  1. girevoy sports coach of the team Master of sports of the USSR, appointed coach of the Republic of Kazakhstan Kuzhakhmetov S. B. and members of the team gathered in the composition of Zhumazhan Alikhana GD 21-3, Felk Arthur BDD 20-3, Svechnikova Vadima IMM 21-2, Gorbacheva Ilya TMO 21-2 occupied the first place medals.
  2. asyk ATU – representative of command St. head of the Department FV Kuatova G. A. and members of the assembly team in the composition Kokenova Nursultana SIB 21-2, Zholdasilova Kuanysha SIB 21-2, Aripbay Yerzhan GPR 20-1, Kairash Bagazhana GPR 20-1, Kuanyshbek Arzhan GPR 20-1 and Kaldybek Shyngyskana zanyali five location.

3.shashki-coach of the team Madiyarov M. K. and the team in the composition Batyrbekov Adilkhan AIU 21-3, Ilyasov Farhad GPR 21-1,Yerbolkyzy Zhuldyz SIB 21-2, Kuatbekkyzy Nazgul SIB-21-2,Kalinina Alexey SIB 21-2, Tynymbay Serikbolsyn EE 20-2 registered six places.