Alumni association

In 2011, the CLUB of GRADUATES was created at the faculty. The meeting of the Alumni Club is held 2 times a year, where issues are discussed on the conclusion of economic contracts for research work, on preparation for publication in foreign journals with a high impact factor, and others.

Goals of the Alumni Club:

Combining the efforts of graduates to increase the scientific, educational, social and cultural potential and promote KarTU and GF departments in the world and Kazakhstani scientific and educational space;

Strengthening the corporate unity of the university community: graduates, teachers, staff, students, bachelors, undergraduates, postgraduates and doctoral students of KarTU and GF departments;

Combining the efforts of graduates of the Global Fund to provide mutual assistance and support in their professional growth, solving urgent scientific, technical, organizational, legal and production problems.

Tasks of the Alumni Club:

– creation of a data bank on graduates of the GF departments to ensure constant communication of graduates with the university and among themselves;

– organization of interaction and strengthening of relationships between graduates and the university;

– assistance in establishing scientific and business relations between KarTU, GF departments and enterprises, organizations and institutions in the training and retraining of qualified specialists and the development of scientific activities;

— promoting the preservation of continuity and the development of university traditions in educational, scientific and socio-cultural activities;

— development of relations with domestic and foreign associations of university graduates in related areas of activity;

– expansion of aspects, levels and directions for the implementation of the educational function of the university and the department as leading cultural centers;

– formation and maintenance of a positive image of the university in the educational space and social environment;

– Promoting the employment of graduates.

Members of the alumni club:

  Mustafin Rakhat Kuzembaevich – Director of Azimut Geology LLP
  Romanov Alexander Anatolyevich – General Director of TSENTRPROMGEOFIZIKA LLP
  Vdovkin Alexander Vasilyevich — Chief Geologist of Kazrosgeofizika LLP
  Klochkov Maxim Vladimirovich – Chief Geologist of Tsentrgeolsemka LLP
  Aliev Samat Bikitaevich – Honorary Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Honorary Professor of KarTU, Full Member of the Russian Academy of Mining Sciences, Academician of the International Academy of Informatization
  Kubaychuk Yuriy Alekseevich

General Director of SAOOT “Borly”

  Kurpeubayev Kasym Nurgalievich

Honorary miner of the city of Karaganda


Mirny Ivan Yakovlevich – is a full Cavalier of the Badge of Honor ‘Miner’s Glory’, ‘Honorary Worker of the Coal Industry’, was awarded the medal ‘For Labor Valour’, and was noted for many departmental awards, certificates and thanks

  Salamatin Dmitry Albertovich

Vice Minister of Defense of Ukraine

  Present Grigory Mikhailovich

Honorary citizen of the city of Karaganda since 2000 for his great contribution to the development of the coal industry and active participation in the public life of the city of Karaganda

  Тиникеев Мухтар Бакирович

депутат IV созыва Мажилиса Парламента Республики Казахстан. Член Комитета  по законодательству и судебно-правовой реформе

Department of “Mine surveying and geodesy”

Department of “Working out of mineral deposits”

Department of “Geology and Geophysics”

Department of “Industrial ecology and chemistry”

The department of “Mine aerology and a labor safety”