100th anniversary from the birthday of academician A. S. Saginov

December 27, 2015 will celebrate 100 years since the birth of the outstanding scientist, Hero of Socialist Labor, twice laureate of the State prize of the Kazakh SSR, academician of NAS RK Saginov Abilkas Saginovich.

Abylkas Saginovich Saginov was born in 1915 in Bayan-Aul of Pavlodar region. Abylkas Saginovich Saginov began his labour activity in 1931 as motorman on Uspensk mine of trust “Pribalkhashstroy”. Next year he entered Karaganda mining technical school and soon in a number of groups of students is sent to Artem Dnepropetrovsk mining institute. After graduation and till 1988 A.S.Saginov had worked on mines of Karaganda mining basin as Head of sector, senior engineer, Head of mine, Head of technical department of coal trust. During 1948-1951 was Head of Gosgortechnadzor Administration of Karaganda region, senior engineer of trust “Karagandauglerazrezy”.

1958 – assigned title of Professor.

1961 – was elected as Corresponding member of Academy of Sciences of Kazakh SSR.

1970 – was elected as an academician of Academy of Sciences of Kazakh SSR.

In 1971, for great merits in development of higher education and training of qualified specialists for the national economy A.S. Saginov was awarded with title of Hero of Socialist Labour with giving Order to Saginov in membership of author staff in 1974 was awarded State prize of Kazakh SSR in the sphere of science and technique as leader of the work “Development of theory and creation of hydraulic machine of shock action for mining and construction fields of Kazakh SSR” as well as in membership of author’s staff. 50 candidate and 11 doctoral works were successfully defended under his scientific guidance.

His merits in development of national economy of the SSSR and republic, higher education and science were repeatedly marked with governmental awards – six orders and medals.
By order of President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N.A.Nazarbayev in December 1995 A.S.Saginov was assigned title “Honoured Scientists and technique of the Republic of Kazakhstan”.

December 10-11, 2015 Karaganda state technical University holds International scientific-practical conference “Integration of science, education and production – the basis of the implementation Plan of the nation”, devoted to the 100 anniversary from the birthday of academician A. S. Saginov.

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