1 Nov 2021 remotely in Microsoft Teams at 13:00 took place the Master class curatorial hour of Turdybekov M.K. with group Log-18-2


– to generate ideas about ways to reduce the negative impact of production on the environment in our country and abroad; facilitate the understanding of the relationship between human activities and nature; to instill in students the belief that environmental problems can be realized not through separate ways to protect the environment, but only through an integrated approach and effort of all mankind;

– to promote the mastery of the main ways of students ‘mental activity: to teach students to analyze, highlight the main thing, compare, prove and refute, set and solve problems; to promote the formation and development of students’ cognitive interest; to promote the formation and development of students ‘ independence, their creative activity, and thinking.

The curatorial hour was attended by: Dean of the TRF Kurmasheva B. K., Deputy head of the Department Ospangalieva M. T., senior curator Maulenova A.M., senior lecturer Kizilbaeva E.Zh., senior lecturer Belyaev A.V.

Participants: group Log-18-2 (the number of people in groups on the list is 24 students, there are no latecomers, (student Talipov N. did not attend the remote curatorial hour due to technical problems). Special participation was taken by Snyatovskaya A. Sutyagin A., Fedorova M.

A curatorial hour was held on the topic “Waste-free production – as one of the factors for solving environmental problems”.  All students actively participated, 3 reports and 2 videos were presented.

In General, the curatorial hour was informative and creative in nature, where students got to know more about

The goals and objectives of the Curatorial hour were achieved.

Organizers: curator Turdybekov M.K., student of gr. Log-18-2