09/22/23 and 09/29/23 students of the RET 21-2, RET 22-2, RET 22-1 and RET 21sk groups, together with senior teachers Sarsenbaev E.A. and Sakenova S.Zh. visited the Kazcentrelectroprovod plant on a tour.

TOO Kazcentrelectroprovod specializes in the production of various types of electrical wires and cables.

Since 1993, the company’s mission has been to contribute to the development of telecommunications networks by providing customers with cable, at the right time and at the right price.

Since 2019, KSER has been the main supplier of cable and wire products for the government project “Digital Kazakhstan”.

The students were given an introductory tour of the plant, and in the laboratory they were shown the cable manufacturing process.

Students, in addition to getting to know the plant, excursions and lectures, filled out resumes, perhaps someone will be invited to fill the open vacancies.

Excursions of this kind are held on a regular basis every year, within the framework of close cooperation between production and our department.