At the Kazakhstan Institute of welding the first phase of the training course “International Welding Engineer-2014”, which was held from 7th April to 22th May. Modules 1 and 2 are studied and successfully completed of the 2 exam. Second group of studentsIWE are19 welding production specialists from oil and gas companies and their contractors from all over Kazakhstan. This year, all the classes have certified teachers KSTUBartenevI.A., BocheninV.I., Akhmetbekov M.T. and Zhuravlev N.I. under the supervision of the teachers Institute of welding France J.-P. Godin and G.Hance. French experts praised the good quality of lectures and practical exercises, the material basis of the Kazakhstan Institute of welding and methodical providing of courses. The second phase of training for Modules 3 and 4will take place in October-November 2014.