Kazakhstan Institute of welding in Karaganda State Technical University and theKazakhstan Association for welding KazWeld report on the approval of International Authorization Body for at the International Institute of Welding licensing “International welding engineer” in Kazakhstan.After a thorough check of all 6 exam 2013-2014, as well as the training system and the material base of the Kazakhstan Institute of welding with KSTU leading international auditor and IABSenior Managing Director Ruth Ferraz made recommendations about the training system at KSTU requirements and procedures of the International Institute of welding. In June 2014 International Authorization approved authority Authorized the issuance of diplomas of International welding engineer in Kazakhstan. Congratulations to all the graduates of the course “International welding engineer” the year 2013! We believe that you are a first edition of such courses in Kazakhstan-make a significant contribution to the development of welding production our Republic.We wish you realization of all the goals and success in all your endeavours!